The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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Reset the Net

Reset the Net.

Can I even say this? I have not been surprised by the government doing anything, especially since I heard they blew off president Kennedy’s head.


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Posting as a Newcomer: Bear with.

I believe that one reason why a lot of people do not blog is because they believe they do not have something of value to say to others. Another reason may be that they really do not have anything of value to say to others. The opposite can be said of those who do blog. They believe they do have something of value to share with others, and some of them actually do. Value is relative, even in social media. What one person values, another despises. Which brings to my recall an old adage, especially when I think of the phrase ‘adding value’,  it says, ‘one man’s meat, may be another man’s poison’. Now poison and meat should never be found together, but value and social media make an interesting and challenging affair. I have yet to find my niche in blogging but if my sharing these words will affect someone in a positive way, then kudos. If on the other hand I do not, then I will keep on blogging until I do!


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Posting on WordPress

Hello fellow bloggers,

How does one get started blogging?

Well there are no set in stone rules per-say, but, there are in my opinion courtesies that should be observed. I have observed that Social Media is a growing entity both in and of itself. It was designed to be that way. Blogging is just another way to enhance the social media experience. It is also another avenue to receive and distribute information from “out there everywhere”.  This site is wonderful. I have seen some remarkable talent displayed here amongst bloggers. Pictures, videos, and the printed words are extraordinarily laid out. I am new to the blogging experience, but I am eagerly looking forward to expanding my horizons as a blogger. All suggestions are welcome.

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Social Media and eating disorders


I have been very busy working on my social media homework assignments just as all of my cohorts have been too. I came across this posting while looking for information to blog, tweet, pinterest etc…

I am learning lots about the ups and downs, the good the bad and the ugly of several media avenues. This stopped me in my tracks. What? There are sites to give you tips on how to be anorexic and bulimic. The different sites exchange pictures, information and “thinspirational” messages.

30 million Americans (20 million are woman and 10 million are men) are diagnosed with a eating disorders at some time in their life

My heart is pounding, my hands are sweating, tears rolling down my face, I can barely even type this information out on this blog post. I am so freaked out about this. How can there even be such a thing? I am outraged!

This is a lot for me to take in and process right now. Do not know what my next move is going to be. I will not stop at writing this post and do nothing.

I will take a stand and use the new skills of social media for the good to help educate and promote healthy eating.

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Wow! this is over the top. The information in this clip is alarming to see and hear. The facts are startling, but true. Media does a number on woman today. I had a hard time watching this clip and even harder time watching the movie. It explains a lot about woman today in the media.

The video shows how woman are judged in the workplace, and in life in general. Technology is changing the world at such a rapid pace but the perception of women seems to move at a snails pace. Pay scales for women compared to men is lagging as well. There are so many highly qualified, intelligent women in the workforce today, but the pay scale doesn’t seem to compare.

Moving forward in time, the world needs to be aware of what women are capable of, and not perceived as sex objects

Remember, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.

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Tips on how to handle unhappy customers



Complain, complain, complain. Sometimes in life it seems like people are always complaining. Often wonder if people are ever happy or appreciate the product or service? Believe it or not people do! Often times when someone is complaining it is because they really do care, they are just unhappy about a particular situation. The key is to understand the customer and the situation. How the business handles the situation makes a difference. Handling any given situation properly you will keep a customer for life. Handling the situation improperly you have now lost a customer for life and they will tell all their friends.

So think twice next time you are responding to a complaining customer. Hopefully these five tips will help you keep that customer coming back and tell all their friends about the experience.

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Blogging Tips

social mediahttp://www.inc.com/ss/8-tips-for-effective-social-blogging

If you are anything like me, blogging, or any other social media avenues can be very confusing. I do know that social media is here to stay, so fighting it is pointless. Whether you are trying to be successful in life or if you run a business, we all need get on board and start using all the avenues that the world has to offer. Content is everything. Using the correct avenues are important as well.

I am sharing this post in hopes that is helpful to anyone who has the time to read it. The article has fun pictures to look at and great information to help get you started. It is short, sweet and to the point. Enjoy.