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Miracles and Social Media

With so much darkness engulfing our present day world, it helps to know miracles still happen. When they occur through the mercurial outlet we call social media, they are all the more peculiar and profound. From unlikely animal rescues to finding lost loved ones, miracles on social media can help us  remain faithful to the positive side of a controversial technology commonly misused. On the other hand, one can also argue that people, not social media, are the problem.  Nevertheless, after being flooded with so much negativity via social media, it can still be hard to remember the wondrous opportunities and experiences these types of online networks offer.  So, if you’re in need of a refreshing reminder or just simply curious, please allow me the privilege to share some of social media’s sweeter side with you. Here are a few brief recaps of but three of many social media miracles that have occurred with the past few years:

  • A mother’s Facebook friend felt suspicious of her three year old daughter’s eye condition and prompted her to immediately take the little girl to an ophthalmologist. If she had not acted at the precise time, the girl’s eye disease would have progressed to complete blindness! 1
  • While celebrating the fourth of July, the dog of owner and Texas resident, Linda Duncan, became frightened of the loud fireworks to the point she ran off and got lost. After months of unsuccessful attempts to find her dog, Linda created a Facebook page for her missing pet. After missing for almost six months, in a synchronistic fashion, someone in Oklahoma City saw her Facebook post and found her missing dog. Soon after, Linda Duncan happily drove all the way from Texas to Oklahoma to reunite with her pet. 2
  • Three years ago, robbers invaded the home of Nitesh Bhakta and his family. Upon seeing and hearing the men break end, Nitesh grabbed his laptop and rain upstairs. While he did not have a phone, Nitesh was able to cry for help via a Facebook post. Most considered the post to be a joke or a prank, but one of his friends knew better and called the police. Soon afterwards, the robbers fled once they heard police sirens. As a result, little damage was done to Nitesh, his family, and their home. 2

I hope you’re uplifted by these stories like I am. Read about enough of these stories, and you’ll probably soothe some of your frustrations with social media. While they most certainly don’t eradicate social media’s grimmer side, they can be a powerful cue to remember social media’s potential and beauty. Do you have any social media miracle stories of your own?! If you do, please share!

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