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Selfies, Selfies, Selfies

With the explosive popularity and ritual use of “selfies,” one can be hard-pressed to remember a time when this cell phone and social media trend was not around. On a personal level, I can’t say I’ve held much of an opinion one way or another about selfies, but that’s because I just only recently upgraded to a smartphone. (I know, I know, I’m about six years late, but I often tend be a laggard on technological trends. I can’t even begin to tell you just how reluctant I was to let go of the CD era until someone approached me one day at a grocery store and nearly shouted, “Wow! I haven’t seen anyone listen to a walk-man in years!”). Nonetheless, I’ve seen more than my share of selfies ranging from the bizarre to the beautiful. I’ve also been in a few group selfies myself, some of which I love and others which I laugh at or feel embarrassed by. (I’ve been somewhat notorious for making crazy, goofy faces on camera. I tend to feel awkward with cameras, so I try to ignore the feeling by being silly.)

All this being said, I can say I know a few helpful suggestions when using selfies on social media websites. For starters, I have a few drop dead gorgeous friends I wish would model instead of constantly posting professional looking photos of themselves on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re going to put this much effort into your appearance and your selfies and then constantly post them on social media, please consider trying to find a job where you’ll actually get paid for your work! Also, I must say I agreed with a man I know when he recently stated how silly mean appear when they  too constantly post selfies on social media. He also complained about his some of his employees hurting the company’s brand image with selfie posts on Facebook. Call me prejudiced, but I’m inclined to agree. Perhaps, it’s because women already have so much social pressure to beautiful that vain behavior such as this has become more acceptable. Still, I can’t help but feel amused when I see men post beautified selfies on social media.

Second, I really don’t recommend posting selfies every time you’re accomplishing a goal or enjoying some kind of luxury. For example, I’ve seen more than a few people let the online world know every time they’re at the gym. Good for you, but do you really need constant validation from an audience? While I’m not exercising like I should, I know that when I have, the last thing running through my mind was posting a selfie on Facebook or Twitter. Eating and sleeping are usually what came to mind. Also, I tend to dislike when people constantly post selfies of every luxury they indulge in. I just become reminded of how much money I don’t have to partake in those joys. I know it’s my problem and I should be happy for them, but I struggle not reflect on how much I wish I could eat at the new sushi restaurant, see a current play, or learn salsa dancing.

Aside from these few arguments, I guess I’m ok with selfies. Perhaps I should finally learn to take one. I have a selfie mode on my phone still waiting be used. Maybe then  I’ll understand more about what all the hype is about. For now, I’ll hide in the background and continue to watch with delight, surprise, and disgust the never ending  selfie antics social media has to offer.

-Cheryl Bokon