The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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While this doesn’t exactly relate to social media yet… I’ll tie it in! I’m currently experimenting with adding an image url into a wordpress blog. – bb


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Free And Best Social Media Marketing Tools For 2013: Must Have For Marketers !

Social Media Management

Social media plays a key role in marketing efforts of businesses and its quite imperative to manage all of the social channels.  As a part of  my recent marketing class I observed that fact that the small business had no real management of its social media. After clicking on the link, you will find some affordable management tools for small businesses.

In this age of smart phones, global communication and online connections, the relationship between businesses and their customers is changing. Stay on top things with todays marketing vehicles. Harness an up to date strategy to reach out and engage your customers.

Social Media Management is Crucial
Social media is now the go to place for people of all ages. News, information and trends are passed through social media channels every minute of day and your business needs to get involved.

Whether things are happening in the community, the nation or around the globe, the public is tuned in to social media to stay in touch and up to date. And that instant communication and ever-moving dialogue can be very powerful for your business.

What Are the Effects of Professional Social Media Management?
Some small business owners question the credibility of these platforms and wonder how much effect a social media presence could really have. After a well managed campaign on big name sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn those same small business owners are amazed at the boost in sales and customer relations.

Click the URL below to learn how to be more efficient. AD

Read more: http://www.dazeinfo.com/2013/01/23/free-social-media-management-tools-for-2013/#ixzz2JVaRlTUy


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A Few Words About Memes

British evolutionary biologist, Richard Dawkins, in his book “The Selfish Gene,'” (1976), first coined the term “meme.” We understand a meme to be a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices. Among the examples Dawkins included of this effect in his text were catch phrases, melodies, and the technology of building arches. Susan Blackmore, in her book “The Meme Machine,” talks about the prevalence of memes in religion. Memes are often now popularly associated with or compared to genes, and, indeed, like genes, memes “self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressure.” (Dawkins, via Wikipedia) Dawkins saw that memes moving from person to person by means of imitation may be the key replicator in cultural evolution, not genes at all. (Wikipedia) The term was taken from the ancient Greek mimema ( something imitated) and mimos ( mime). en.

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Social Media Tribes

On Minnesota Public Radio recently, Krista Tippett’s show, “On Being,”  broadcast an interview with Seth Godin, a wise thought leader on social media, and what he calls the connection economy.  He said we can find our tribes today, tribes being  the very people we identify with most readily, or the people who see things in common with us, and we can do so in the moment, virtually effortlessly. As we find our tribes, we can articulate an idea to them, propose shared praxis, and then move ahead with those projects we wish to engage in, for the common good, creating real change, and cultural progress. Or we can just amuse ourselves on the web. He advocates the former, and seemed to regret the latter. I say entertainment has its place, and I hope we can all be both entertained, and entertaining, from time to time, but I agree with this commentator on “On Being,” and I urge you to go to MPR’s “On Being”  archives and hear him for yourself. He says that today we are “invited and stretched to be artists, and to create in ways that matter to other people.” —from “On Being”    (dlh)