The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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Social Media for the resistant

How many of us out there thought we could retire before having to become internet savvy or ever have to deal in Social Media? At my age, a ripe 50 something I’m playing catch up due to communications education I’m taking now. I’m mostly over my fear of crashing whole systems but I still loose homework from time to time. So here’s to getting back in the game.

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choosing a color theme for your Web page

PR, sometimes, is all about COLOR

Color Picker is designed for for WEB colors.

Use this color palette to select HEX colors for your Web site or HTML/CCS


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The Things You Find Out About Through Social Media

Jamal “Shango” James and Robert “Bravo” Brant made it on a bus.

While on my FB page being nosey, because I love to get into everyone’s business, this picture was on my FB newsfeed. Can you believe it?! My son, Jamal “Shango” James is on a bus, not any bus but an actual city bus!! He’s moving up in the world. Soon my retirement fund will be paying off and I will be able to retire in a nice little cottage somewhere that is warm, sunny and beautiful. We didn’t even know that they were putting this advertisement on a city bus. This was spotted on a city bus in Bemijdi, MN. I also didn’t know that they had public transportation in Bemijdi, MN. My first blog post for my Social Media class. -slks