The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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Engage your audience!

DEJ – Engagement is a word we hear often within the social media . It builds internally and externally with multiple audience one may choose to target. It is how we send out marketing messages, but we want to receive feedback  from our audiences. That’s what makes it engaging. Traditional marketing platforms are basically one way marketing messages whereas social media is a tool for two-way social engagement.


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Week 5: How to best engage your audience?


This is a great article on engaging your audience using creativity.

It talks about showing your personality trough your social media posts and content. By truly interacting with your audience and customers you will achieve results. The article also sums it up. That your social media strategies for engaging one, should contain these.

  1. Understand why people use social media.
  2. Be shareable.
  3. Have casual contact with consumers.
  4. Go where the community is.
  5. Build relationships with influencers.

Don’t disrupt the user’s usual social patterns; embed yourself within them. Become a part of their group and interact with them, not at them. If you create high quality content, that is shareable, your brand can go from “stuffy and boring ” to fun and spread and go viral. CHB


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Week 3: How would differen groups/organizations use different social media to reach customers?

I feel that most organizations will choose 1 or 2 channels that they can regularly maintain everyday. Then through those, the will submit content and engage their followers or customers bsd of interests and interaction. Facebook is the most widely used social media site so it’s the most commonly found channel in the business arena.

Some may use it to engage customers, marketing/sales, new business, community relations, news, relay information etc. CHB

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Week 4: How do you best select the right channel (s) for your organization?


This article I found is extremely informational…Check it out!

In this article it talks about using a broader customer engagement in how you should best use social media. Since it’s a very effective, and a cost-efficient marketing, sales, service, insight and retention tool. A recent study showed more than 3,000 consumers, identified social media as being effective. They found that customers who engage with companies on social media end up spending 20% to 40% more money with those companies than others. And at large, also demonstrate a deeper emotional commitment to the companies.

Now different types of organizations may use different channels to reach customers differently.

Facebook: Nearly 974 million users worldwide, and it reaches the widest audience. The main targeted use of content can increase new customers, make them aware of their own abilities, stronger loyalty of existing customers to the company.

Twitter: Twitter reaches at the moment, 140 million active users, with 500 million users have an account. The biggest advantage of this channel is that, it delivers a short message instantly. Used to communicate quickly to a vast audience.

Pinterest: Is a social media tool with interactive pieces and has significantly increased usage in the last year. This site lives on the interest of beautiful images and is especially interesting for entrepreneurs for whom the appearance of the products stimulates the purchase, such as Fashion and lifestyle company. Pinterest is also primarily used in the United States of women who are visual people..

LinkedIn: Are job boards for primarily recruiting goals or finding a position with specific skillset or experience. It’s also a way to present your own company’s strengths and goals on LinkedIn.

YouTube: Many experts also include the YouTube video platform to their social media tools. Who wants to play as a self-employed here, you either need a good video marketing agency that produces content. Or you can learn how to do something from watching these videos. Videos often rise to the top of the SEO’s.

Basically it’s matching up the audience demographics with the right tool or channel to reach them and share your content and message.


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Will you marr…Tweet me?

Tw5- How do you engage your audience? LL

From the teachings in my social media class, I learned that blogging for ‘audience engagement’ begins with, and involves at least two elements: the poster (that’s me) and the commenter (that’s you).

It is my responsibility as the poster to write content that can easily be commented on and opens the opportunity for us to dialogue for back and forth conversation.  The books that we used in social media class, emphasizes, “The fostering of the creation and sharing of new ideas for both myself and my readers.” On this note perhaps, I’ll begin the dialogue with this opening statement, “there is nothing new under the sun” care to respond?…. LL

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Are you on the Right Channel?

Tw4-How do you select the right channel(s) for your organization? Once you’ve selected a channel, how do you create relevant and meaningful content for your audiences? LL


Questions to consider for the group or organization to select the right social media channel:

  1. The channel(s) that would support their mission and falls within their operating budget.
  2. Selecting the right channel will also depend on your audience.

If your audience is made up of a diverse demographic, you will need to consider using one particular channel to communicate to each demographic. For instance, email and Pinterest may work better for your “Baby Boomer, female clients, while on the other hand, Facebook and Twitter will better serve those females from Generations X and Y. LL