The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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Education is a right, not a privilege. The right to learn, the right to know, and the right to grow and develop, are embedded into the phenomenon of education; while skills sprout out of one’s self-worth and innate potential. There is not a human that does not possess the capacity to learn and  become educated. Nevertheless, traditions and biases are consistently darkening this glow of fact concerning human beings. Because of this artifical bend and curvature, societies the wolrd over have got wedges driven between peoples of all ages, thereby making the factor of privilege to shrewedly permeate in all hitherto societies and cultures: (civilizations); and thus, the clashes of peoples and civilizations.

Andrew B. J.


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Social Media Breakfast Friday, December 21, 2012

Classmates and Social Media Newbies:

So, Friday, December 21st could be the end… or the beginning! Jump start your social media expertise. Join a panel of four career-shifters over breakfast for only $10.

So what is a “Social Media Breakfast”? It’s where folks get together to talk about using social media and social networking tools in their business or careers. It’s about networking, it’s about learning, and mostly it’s about people.

Meet 4 people who have done that thing that many of us talk about – even threaten – but rarely do. They’ve jumped tracks entirely, going from one line of work into something completely different.

  • A former editor who is now making animated ebook apps
  • A laid-off architect who created a popular brand of hand-crafted sleeves and cases for mobile devices
  • A behavioral therapist who became a full-time blogger and novelist
  • A marketing consultant who left it all to run a shared commercial kitchen for food entrepreneurs

Sign up here http://smbmsp52-es2img.eventbrite.com/?rank=17#. If you go, post your comments and give feedback to the class! JD

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Drive Engagement and Brand Awareness on Social Media

As Social Media evolves, the ability to drive engagement and brand awareness becomes more and more challenging. The Slogan Review created a list of factors that can and do increase the number of “Likes,” comments and “shares.”

  • Express yourself through photos
  • Be Topical
  • Don’t hesitate to be in your face
  • Share the validation
  • Educate the fans
  • Humanize the brand
  • Humor is the best social medicine
  • Ask to be “liked”

To see, “What prevents  wall messages from being ‘liked,’” read more here. -ss