The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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Social Media Can Also Improve Relationships

Social networking (and other technological advances) has altered how we stay connected to friends, make purchases, network with colleagues, and find out what’s going on in the world. It has been known to destroy relationships by rekindling past flames, beginning covert affairs, replacing face-to-face intimacy with imaginary online closeness, revealing too much information, and cyber-stalking to ease or confirm jealousy.

Some things to remember that will help keep relationships running smoothly online (and offline) are:

  • Anyone involved in a committed adult relationship shouldn’t be afraid to be public about their status on Facebook or other social media sites.
  • Your partner should be your friend on social media sites. If you can’t see what each other shares publicly online, this could be a sign of impending trouble.
  • Reminisce only briefly with past loves. Anything any more than that could put distance between you and your significant other.
  • Never vent personal information online when you’re angry. In fact, never do it offline either. Give yourself time to assess the situation and address it without pointing blame.
  • Online content is permanent! Even if something posted is deleted (and forgotten), it isn’t really. Nothing ever permanently goes away, and you don’t want it to resurface when you least expect it.
  • Don’t over-share. A better way to learn about people is to have face-to-face conversations. Also, don’t publicize every little detail about your relationships and personal life online.

Often, social media does couples more harm than good. However, social media can also be a positive thing that fortifies bonds between partners. Social media is a great way to connect and encourage loved ones during the workday, or whenever they are away. Anytime you can stay connected and increase communication will benefit a relationship.

Here are some fun ways to stay connected and put a smile on that important someone’s face during times when you are apart. Use social media to:

  • Remember the good times by reminding them of a special moment you shared.
  • Express thankfulness for kindnesses they’ve shown you and for their friendship and love.
  • Make them laugh with a funny meme or other online content that you think they will enjoy.
  • Just say “Hello” or send a smile (emoticon).

A celebrity who does an awesome job of showing his wife how much she means to him and is an inspiration to us all is Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad. He just might be the most perfect husband ever, complimenting his wife Lauren Parsekian every chance he gets. Read about this very-much-in-love couple here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/03/aaron-paul-wife_n_4032479.html. Awwwe!!

Remember—you have the power to build and maintain quality relationships. The golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” is excellent advice; it is as powerful now as it was c. 2000 BC, “Now this is the command: Do to the doer to cause that he do thus to you.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Rule)

What are you waiting for? Go reach out to your special someone!



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7 Days of Blogging – #7 – To Learn


So my 7 days of blogging turned into 7 days spread out over 10, but I finished my challenge! Here is my blog #7 entitled To Learn…

I spent most of the last year of my life learning. It started in December last year, when I heard from the MN Workforce Center of a social media class I could take at Takoda AIOIC – Institute of Higher Learning. I knew I wanted to up my skill set, so I signed up. In January, I took the class and through it, learned of the Public Relations Specialist Program they also offered.

I always thought that public relations was about having to be in front of a camera (I am absolutely a behind the camera kind of gal!), but soon realized I that had actually been doing public relations for the past 20+ years of my life in one capacity or another. I jumped at the chance to enter the program after hearing about the classes involved: Creative Writing, Writing for Public Relations, Public Speaking, Marketing, Graphic Design, Fundraising, Event-Planning, more Social Media to name a few.

It was a fun scavenger hunt and scramble to put together my past grades from high school to various universities, do some required testing and gather other required documentation to enter the program. I managed to get everything in by the deadline and finally started in March.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use the change the world.

 ~Nelson Mandela


We were a cohort of nine to start, and five of us who started together, ended the program together. Four of the original group left the program and two other lovely individuals had started before us but had to take a break for a block, and rejoined with us in the second block. We were the Super 7 throughout our second block, and part of the third. Unfortunately one of the seven, again had to leave. Still following? The six that made it through are from different personalities, races, cultures and walks of life, and each one is a creative, beautiful and extremely strong woman.

I cannot speak for the others, but now that the program is at conclusion, I am proud of what we all accomplished together and separately. There were some tough times and each of us had our individual struggles on top of accomplishing a 2-year program in 9 months, but I think we all learned about many topics that will bring us further in life. Plus we developed friendships in a unique experience that had us spending more time with each other than our own families in the past months.

I can also personally say that I learned a lot about myself as well. This has been such a positive experience for me in that I have learned many new skills, skills that I am already putting to use in my internship, my personal social media plan and building my website. More importantly, I rediscovered pieces of me that were “sleeping,” and I am very glad they woke up. I feel empowered and have the strength to “get out there.” I may have feelings of anticipation but I am not afraid. I am ready for new challenges.

Thank you to my fellow cohort, thank you to the instructors that taught me so much, and thank you to the wonderful staff of Takoda… I could not have done it without you.

~Christine Dietsche

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5 Things I love About Social Media


I started using social media several years ago and I went on a social media hiatus. After I began using social media again, I have discovered some things I like about social media right now.

  • Social media is my number one place for inspiration and brain storming. When you’re into fashion like me, I keep up with what’s trending in the fashion world because it is forever/rapidly changing. I can also find out great new ideas and ask suggestions on how to do something.
  • Social media is my entertainment hub. I find out and explore new artists, music, videos, books and lots more. All which are accessible through YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.
  • Social media is my news board. Twitter is a great source to get fast news on just about everything, sometimes even at a faster pace than the traditional news platform.
  • Social media is a place for me to have my own voice. Home and work might not be enough for you to express yourself. With social media you can say what you want and have friends who are millions of miles away, but you can interact with on Twitter and Facebook. You might be uncomfortable speaking in public, but when you are online you are free to speak your mind. Being an introvert doesn’t really matter because you are in the comfort of your own home.
  • Social media is free!! , well after you pay for your internet subscription. Majority of social platforms out there do not charge people for using it. Who wouldn’t like free stuff? Social media being free makes it a great source to promote your brand for almost nothing, if done right.

I love all the opportunities social media gives me, from it being free to being my source of inspiration. I’m sure you have the things you love about social media. Please comment below with some of the things you love about social media.

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told you so


Told you so- Here’s a blog for now but I’m not going away. Here’s why, Demographics of internet users say that older adults that be me (I can pass for younger) are embracing social media. Seniors are increasing our use of social media. I’m telling you, it has it rewards. Seventy-five percent of 50 to 60 year olds are online. Remember my friend I referred to (O brave one) who got it? The study says that educated seniors are more likely to go on the internet than those less educated. Who cares? Go my fellow late boomers and bloomers! Just go!

Non profits who work with older people are being asked to teach them how to navigate on line which includes social media in my humble opinion.  As a matter of fact, getting someone with patience who could teach me like I was a 6-year old was a huge task and a huge scare.  Recall, the monster that was going to eat me? I was genuinely afraid that life would pass me by if I didn’t get with it.

While we’re on the subject here’s some interesting tips when teaching late gamers: 1) we are not sitting back. Don’t ignore us, 2) new technologies are not for the young and the tech-savvy; it’s made to empower everyone (that’s what I’m talking bout)  3) accessibility has to be  built into the planning process for new products from the start with consideration of size and physical ability and 4)  education for new products should be made available for seniors and late gamers so that we don’t  become victims of the fall behind in the digital divide. For nonprofits and others who are waiting for boomers to die off, remember we have something to say and something to give to people all over the world. Here’s the thing? You want my money well…. Give me something honey. Let’s help each other.

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No longer behind- At my last post, I talked about not feeling left behind. That feeling  came from embracing social media as a tool for furthering my education and enhancing my life. I can connect to all kinds of people, places and things. The good thing is , I can choose channels that best reach out to others. Don’t misunderstand, I have not  become and expert just yet nor will I probably ever be.  I’m just so happy I faced the social media monster and it didn’t eat me up.

To those of you who are like myself, step out of your comfort zone. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I implore you to join me. Change is not easy but, it can be a meaningful journey that lead to wonderful places. I recall a friend who posts a lot on facebook . I admired her courage to learn social media and technology. She is so good at it and for years I watched in awe how she does it with so much ease. I never dreamed until I released my old thinking that I could do the same. I too can find gems and nuggets of information. Better yet, connecting to people means I connect to the world to find my own sources and sense of empowerment. Yeah, I’ll say it now. Social media can empower the late bloomers also.

Would I have come to this conclusion had it not been for Public relations courses?  I honesty don’t know. I do know that you never find out unless you get out there where the information is. I am grateful for that.  I’m most grateful that God has given me the makeup to always do better and often that requires a deep look at what is holding me back.

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Having my say– I’m not sure if any of my previous blogs made any sense. Frankly, I find it a challenge writing things that might interest anyone, even us Johnny’s come lately.

Persevere I say.  In reviewing where I am in my learning curve regarding social media, I’ll quote a part of the poem by Carl Sandburg, stopping in the woods on a snowy winter”.  He writes of “miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep.”  That is me and my social media. I have miles to go but, guess what? I will be going. I am a new convert now thanks to new learning experiences.

Some say the world belongs to young, the talented, the smart and the brave. I say it belongs to all. The world through social media has become friends to some as we age, filling a void in the day- to day ho-hum of living. I have many questions yet with great anticipation to finding answers. I know I will find answers to many things I always wanted to know. On the flip side, I will be able to do the same for others. Honestly, I look back to the days of early social media and ask myself what took me so long. Here’s an answer: it was fear.  Fear and resistance. My fear came from the unknown, listening to bad things about social media like Face book, more than the good. Understand me, I know I need be careful still but, the truth about human nature is often, way too often, we are driven by the fear within us. Fear leads to resistance. The longer we fear, the longer we resist and the longer the world and everything that is worthy in it leaves us behind.

Resistence is futile, leading to nowhere.


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have no fear


Not alone – I was wondering if I had some type of deficit or disability or was I so set in my baby boomer ways that made me outdated. The thought did cross my mind of being some sort of dinosaur in today’s  world where social media is such a dominating force. My goodness! Even my granddaughter knows what’s up. She has the ability to operate a tablet like a pro. At one point I pondered if it were them, me or   As soon as I realized I could become more social media savvy, because of a desire and partly a need to compete in today’s workforce, I became more empowered o try to do new things. All of a sudden, I found myself probing and investigating more topics of interest to me.  I began to say things like “I’ll Google this and that”.

I was thrilled just to know the possibilities. My possibilities.Coursework sometimes feel like force, sometimes ambivalence and sometimes curiosity. My Attention span and interest runs the gamut. This I do know, social media has given me a new birth of some sort.  While I’m just coming out of the womb, I’m crying to learn more. In fact, I find myself fascinated by the vastness and depth of ways available to do everything from finding my old a friend, connecting with new friends, job search, and business and on and on it goes. Just think, less than a year ago, this baby-boomer was looking to for a way to connect to a changing world and developing skills to reach people worldwide. It was right at my fingertips, calling me.

My fingertips have now touched something that stimulates my mind. It can do the same for anyone. You are not alone. There are so many people calling your name.