The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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Parents should be aware of what their kids do. Social media can contain sex, violence, drugs, degrading material and much more negative material. All material that we would keep away from our children. With the new popularity of social media and also portable devices that connect to the internet, it’s hard to keep our kids away from social media much less the internet. If you would’ve told me 15 years ago that there would be children with internet pages communicating with others on the other side of the planet, I would’ve laughed at you and told you to grow up. I’m protective over my 6 year old daughter and the other children I care for that range from the ages of 6 months to 12 years old. I don’t like the fact that my 12 year old nephew has a Face book page and my daughter will definitely want to enter the social media realm much before that, I can tell already. With kids not really knowing the real intentions of some online pages/people, it can leave them vulnerable to sex offenders and much more. Most people have seen or heard about the show “How to Catch a Predator.” The show where undercover underage girls solicit themselves online usually in chat rooms in hopes to catch sex offenders. Other than have a shotgun on standby, I’m not sure what I would do if that ever happened to any of mine but I know it wouldn’t be pretty. Unfortunately these types of things happen everyday and you must educate your child on issues like this before they get on the internet. Here is an attached article on some ways to monitor your kid on social media. Please click on “parents with kids on social media” highlighted in the blue right above the article.   #check


Social Media = Expect the Unexpected

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You never know what to expect on Social Media. You might get a memo that the world is ending on a certain date, or you can get some valuable information you never knew existed. Some use if for entertainment while some use it as a means of networking. No matter what you use it for, it’s useful in many ways. Here is a video that I found via social media that I thought was crazy. I never would believe that a snake could eat a dog, much less a pitbull that is bull grown. Well sure enough here you have it, a pitbull being cut out of a snake. Social media, expect the unexpected! #check

What what you say.

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What what you say.

Nothing is safe these days, with technology these days anything can be recorded or picture of it be taken. With the new screenshot features, if you send a text to someone, they can take a picture of their screen when they’re looking at a text. And in seconds that I miss you and love you text you sent to your ex has been broad casted on Facebook and everyone knows you’re trying to get back with your ex… even your wife/husband. Privacy is really going down the drain these days. People will take any and everything to social media just get a laugh or attention. I don’t think it’s cool for someone to take a screen shot of what you texted them and put it on social media but I see it happen all the time. Just be careful what you text your friends because they can get you, and they’ll get you good. If you get beat up in public, don’t be surprised if it goes viral online in a few hours. Just be careful!!! #check

Black History Month?

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I myself find Black History month to be a joke. There isn’t a Native American History month, a Caucasian History month, much less any other “History” month. Isn’t “black history” considered American history? Why is the shortest month deemed to be the only “history month?” I haven’t found many people that share the same stand on it as me, however I wasn’t surprised to see Morgan Freeman agreeing with me. By using Social Media, you can often find other people agree with your ideas even if they’re no popular. You can feel like an outcast in the normal world and be totally accepted in the Social Media realm. I think that’s a big reason so many people turn to Social Media. It allows you to be yourself and not have to wear your mask for the world. No matter what your opinion is, there is someone out there that agrees with you and social media can help you find that group of people that think like you.

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Social Media- Pro and Con

Social media can be (and usually is) a double edged sword. On one end it’s great to reach out to people well outside of your neighborhood. A person can even communicate with people on a global level which wasn’t possible 20 or 30 years ago. The reach of this is nothing less than amazing. Social media even gives business an edge it never had as far as its reach goes. Businesses can target (more specific) their audience without spending much time and resources to do so.

As good as social media can be, it also has its downfalls. It can be relied on too much and can create complacency that definitely can have effects on simple communication. Businesses can benefit in terms of saving time and money but can become “everything” instead of being a mere tool in the growth and/or progression of their business. From a social standpoint it can be destructive to friendships and relationships. Many people use social media to build relationships. The problem with this is a true relationship cannot be built with “social media.” It’s merely a tool to “help” maybe build one or assist in maintaining one. The problem comes when it’s central in the rapport-building (and communication) process as a whole.

Social media has become second nature in the social and business world. Social media has been a good thing for the world. As long as people don’t lose sight of its true purpose and use a healthy balance of it then this tool can make life very convenient on both the social and business front. HP 

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Workin’ Nights on The Cheap


Hennipin County Medical Center’s solution to the nursing shortage is drastically reducing their  pay while implementing  formidable  barriers  towards  additional economic opportunities such as a second job or brick and mortar schools.   Solutions defaulting to gender injustice on both counts.

Nurses are grumbling  out loud about  Hennipen County Medical Center’s  current changes in the nurses  work schedule from the  fixed-schedule  model  to the now required  shift-rotation,  while simultaneously being hit with a pay cut in the form of a drastic reduction in night shift pay.  States one HCMC registered nurse.,  “…along with other problems , I don’t know what kind of people they think they will be attracting in the future with this change…”

Management   prefers  the rotation shift  for many reasons, among these:   most formal training education is done during the day; rotations help balance the skills of their nurses by exposure to the  varied  shifts;  recruitment of new nurses is  hoped  to be easier with rotation shifts being offered versus offering  pre-dominately the night shift to the new  oncomers.

Rotation shifts helps  management with problem solving but  increases the problems for  the majority of the nurses including cutting off their access to  economic opportunities  According to Shift Schedule Design:  www.shift-schedule-design.com/27.html

‘‘When surveyed, 83% of employees say they prefer a fixed shift schedule.
Fixed shifts make it easier for them to schedule family events, doctor appointments, 
daycare, etc. Fixed shifts also increase opportunities to attend college, hold second
jobs, and participate in community activities.’

Research consistently  continues to vary on the conclusion of the  night shift’s adverse effects on ones body  vs rotating shift effects.  According to www.circadian studies and conclusions:

   “There is still a lack of conclusive data on the effects of fixed vs rotation  shifts on                    
alertness,performance,and accidents.” 

Bottom line  is every  hospital’s  sleep centers,  promote , “Maintain a regular bed and wake schedule.”  

Nursing shortage is a real problem that needs to be addressed for the nurses sake as well as the patients.  States HCMC registered nurse, “I have found nurses crying in closets.  They are too afraid to tell their supervisors that they are overwhelmed.”  Research forecasts  the nursing shortage to  continue  and  increase into the baby boomers later years, bringing more demand on this system along with ObamaCare adding more people into the health care system.  

With this nursing shortage and its continued forecast plus a shift change that  adversely affects the worker , what’s the reasoning and who benefits from both the nurses pay reduction and their imposed reductions in  opportunities?  States an ex-employee, “I will never go back…they tell us the upper levels don’t get pay cuts because……”

Taking away pay for no valid reason and reducing economic opportunities for these nurses is  gender injustice and another labor move that reduces the middle class.

The International Labor Organization advises:  www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public, Measuring Progress and Identifying Challenges.

“we need to ensure that the goal of gender justice does not get lost in the
face of the current (or any future) economic crisis.  “Although gender equality
is widely re-garded as a worthwhile goal, it is also seen as having potential 
costs or even acting as a constraint on economic growth, and while this view
may not be evident in official policy it remains implicit in policy decisions. For 
example, where there is pressure to increase the quantity of work or promote 
growth, progress to- wards gender equality may be regarded as something that 
can be postponed. However, it is possible to make an economic case for gender
equality, as an investment, such that it can be regarded as a means to promote
growth and employment rather than act as a cost or constraint. As such, equality
policies need to be seen in a wider perspective with a potentially greater impact 
on individuals, firms, regions and nations.”

Will these imposed constraints and reduction in pay , pay off ?  Will nurses  adopt  these decisions?  Nurses are trained to fight for others and the’re tired. States an HCMC registered nurse, “……………other hospitals are looking at this change and considering  these policy changes.”   Are these CEO’s crying in their closets ?     … Lorraine

social media is a good forum to promote transparency of the changes in occupations.