The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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5 Things I love About Social Media


I started using social media several years ago and I went on a social media hiatus. After I began using social media again, I have discovered some things I like about social media right now.

  • Social media is my number one place for inspiration and brain storming. When you’re into fashion like me, I keep up with what’s trending in the fashion world because it is forever/rapidly changing. I can also find out great new ideas and ask suggestions on how to do something.
  • Social media is my entertainment hub. I find out and explore new artists, music, videos, books and lots more. All which are accessible through YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.
  • Social media is my news board. Twitter is a great source to get fast news on just about everything, sometimes even at a faster pace than the traditional news platform.
  • Social media is a place for me to have my own voice. Home and work might not be enough for you to express yourself. With social media you can say what you want and have friends who are millions of miles away, but you can interact with on Twitter and Facebook. You might be uncomfortable speaking in public, but when you are online you are free to speak your mind. Being an introvert doesn’t really matter because you are in the comfort of your own home.
  • Social media is free!! , well after you pay for your internet subscription. Majority of social platforms out there do not charge people for using it. Who wouldn’t like free stuff? Social media being free makes it a great source to promote your brand for almost nothing, if done right.

I love all the opportunities social media gives me, from it being free to being my source of inspiration. I’m sure you have the things you love about social media. Please comment below with some of the things you love about social media.


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A Traveler’s Guide Through The Social Media Universe, Part II

Let’s pick up where we left off – popular social media channels. The next one we’ll be reviewing is Twitter. This channel can be likened to a noisy, popular night club. These are the main facts you need to know about the Twitter channel:

  1. Social network which allows personal and professional users to set up basic profiles and “Tweet” (send/receive messages), pictures, and/or videos confined by a 140 character limit.
  2. Users can also “Retweet” others’ messages, pictures, and/ or videos.
  3. Users have the option of tagging to “Follow” others to boost social interactions and stay updated on other users’ tweets. The same principle applies vice versa.
  4. Users also receive notices via a “Notifications” folder.
  5. Hashtags (pound sign preceding brief text) links to other sources as well as potentially attracting more followers.
  6. There’s an ongoing newsfeed of “Current Trends.” Users can opt to click on hashtag links to view more information about those trends.
  7. Last but not least, there’s the “#Discover” where Twitter searches out and filters trends the user might like.

Now, let’s examine our third social media channel – Pinterest. Figuratively speaking, Pinterest can be likened to both a playful art gallery. Pinterest’s essential elements include:

  1. Users set up personal accounts to collect, share, and store pictures/videos on virtual bulletin boards.
  2. Users “Pin it” (use web content to upload personal content) and “Repin” (import from other peoples’ boards) media content to various personal “boards” (different categories).
  3. The “Pin Feed” suggests content users might like and use.
  4. Each media image opens the door to other related information and entertainment.
  5. Users can both invite Pinterest friends to their boards and follow other Pinterest members.

Our fourth social media channel, Linkedin, can be likened to a job fair or office setting. LinkedIn’s primary components include:

  1. Professional networking site where users set up profile pages displaying their professional background, skills, and interests to find jobs and/or business opportunities.
  2. Users network with each other by establishing “connections.” There are three degrees of connections (One refers to a direct connect while the other two are indirect).
  3. Users can endorse each other (verify job skills)
  4. Users can “like” and “congratulate” each other on their achievements.
  5. Users can see who has previewed their pages.
  6. Users can also join professional groups and clubs.
  7. Employers can use LinkedIn to post jobs and search for potential workers.

We’ll come back and explore some more popular social media sites soon, but right now, let’s become familiar with the nuts and bolts of these four channels. While you’re doing this, be sure to also check out YouTube tutorials for each of the four channels to help you learn visually as well (There are quite a few.)  Of course, each of the social media channels help centers to assist you as well. On a final note, be sure to explore these additional educational resources before we move on to our next blog:


-Cheryl Bokon

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A Traveler’s Guide Through the Social Media Universe: Part I

For those of you who are unsure as to how to navigate with the social media universe, I’ve provided here a concise traveler’s guide to help you get started on your virtual travels. I will not only highlight four of the main social media channels, but I will also help you plan your journey as well as offer additional resources, should you need them. (Some information will be included here, but be sure to check out ongoing continuations of this blog. As of right now, I’ve posted part two as well.)

For starters, what exactly does the world of social media entail? Google, an encyclopedia for many of us, aptly defines social media as websites and applications enabling users to create  and/or share content as well as participate in social networking on computer or mobile devices. 1 Expanding on this, Christina Dillon, social media author, lists the ten main attributes of social media: 2

  1. Interactive: Users must be able to interact and engage with social media channels and others.
  2. Changeable and Evolutionary: Because it’s founded on both technology and social factors, the only constants about social media are change and progression.
  3. Professional or Personal Representation: Your profiles and posts create an online impression / reputation of you and/or your business brand.
  4. Personal: Social media is also individualistic because people can directly communicate to others and vice versa by posts and profiles on their own accounts.
  5. Social: With its constant levels of online socializing, be it local, national, or international, social media is also very community-oriented.
  6. Helpful: Social media is overflowing with useful information.
  7. Sounding Board: For better or worse, social media provides quick feedback on how people are responding to you and/or your company’s actions.
  8. Testing Platform: While you should exercise caution, social media provides great opportunity to test out new ideas and projects.
  9. Soft-Selling: In other words, your persuasive tactics on social media must be more passive and subtle; wooing over your audience and satisfying their needs / desires before yours are the most important elements of soft selling.
  10. Entertaining: No matter how informative a resource may be, most would not stay tuned into social media if it wasn’t for its many fun factors.





Now, let’s move on and explore some of the main destination routes on social media.  Our first social media channel, one of the most successful social media networks, is none other than Facebook itself. Figuratively, Facebook can be likened to a popular coffee shop or restaurant joint where you and your friends socialize.  In a nutshell, Facebook includes the following attributes:

  1. Social networking site in which users set up personal and/or business profile pages which display information about their personalities, behaviors, interests,  dislikes, motivations, and so forth.
  2. Users add “Friends” or “Like” pages to boost their levels of online social engagement. Others can communicate with non-friends or unliked pages as well, but personal security settings made by receivers may limit the degree of access.
  3. Users can send/receive messages, receive notifications and RSS feeds (online content delivery vehicle of news and other web-based information 3), post status updates, upload pictures and videos, share content, create event pages,  and “like” certain posts and pages.
  4. Users can also post and share content on other friends’ profiles.
  5. Facebook’s Events and friend lists are also very useful for professional and personal use.
  6. Entrepreneurs and businesses can also use Facebook’s marketing platform to reach potential audiences and consumers.

Well, we’ve reached our first stoplight. To learn more about  the other three main social media channels and additional resources, read part two of this blog. Thank you for reading and please give me your feedback!

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2) www.toptensocialmedia.com/social-media-business/what-is-social-media-10-definitions/


3) http://www.press-feed.com/howitworks/rss_tutorial.php



-Cheryl Bokon

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Having my say– I’m not sure if any of my previous blogs made any sense. Frankly, I find it a challenge writing things that might interest anyone, even us Johnny’s come lately.

Persevere I say.  In reviewing where I am in my learning curve regarding social media, I’ll quote a part of the poem by Carl Sandburg, stopping in the woods on a snowy winter”.  He writes of “miles to go before I sleep, miles to go before I sleep.”  That is me and my social media. I have miles to go but, guess what? I will be going. I am a new convert now thanks to new learning experiences.

Some say the world belongs to young, the talented, the smart and the brave. I say it belongs to all. The world through social media has become friends to some as we age, filling a void in the day- to day ho-hum of living. I have many questions yet with great anticipation to finding answers. I know I will find answers to many things I always wanted to know. On the flip side, I will be able to do the same for others. Honestly, I look back to the days of early social media and ask myself what took me so long. Here’s an answer: it was fear.  Fear and resistance. My fear came from the unknown, listening to bad things about social media like Face book, more than the good. Understand me, I know I need be careful still but, the truth about human nature is often, way too often, we are driven by the fear within us. Fear leads to resistance. The longer we fear, the longer we resist and the longer the world and everything that is worthy in it leaves us behind.

Resistence is futile, leading to nowhere.


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have no fear


Not alone – I was wondering if I had some type of deficit or disability or was I so set in my baby boomer ways that made me outdated. The thought did cross my mind of being some sort of dinosaur in today’s  world where social media is such a dominating force. My goodness! Even my granddaughter knows what’s up. She has the ability to operate a tablet like a pro. At one point I pondered if it were them, me or   As soon as I realized I could become more social media savvy, because of a desire and partly a need to compete in today’s workforce, I became more empowered o try to do new things. All of a sudden, I found myself probing and investigating more topics of interest to me.  I began to say things like “I’ll Google this and that”.

I was thrilled just to know the possibilities. My possibilities.Coursework sometimes feel like force, sometimes ambivalence and sometimes curiosity. My Attention span and interest runs the gamut. This I do know, social media has given me a new birth of some sort.  While I’m just coming out of the womb, I’m crying to learn more. In fact, I find myself fascinated by the vastness and depth of ways available to do everything from finding my old a friend, connecting with new friends, job search, and business and on and on it goes. Just think, less than a year ago, this baby-boomer was looking to for a way to connect to a changing world and developing skills to reach people worldwide. It was right at my fingertips, calling me.

My fingertips have now touched something that stimulates my mind. It can do the same for anyone. You are not alone. There are so many people calling your name.

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Alrighty now


Alrighty now!

At our last conversation, I was sharing my thoughts, as a beginner, entering into social media. I must say I am finding it interesting,  in a good way. Now that I know it won’t  bite me and having taken out some of the mystique  around it, I’m starting to face my fears about it. Question is, what do I write about? What do people want to hear from an older person?  Hmmmm….  what to write about? What would interest people? There is so much to write about in such a vast array of information sharing.  Social network  gives everyone a voice, young and mature alike  an opportunity to have our say. There is so much going and so much to discuss. That is my greatest fear and my greatest opportunity.

Not all over 55 aged people are created equal when it comes to blogging or any form of social media. In fact, I have friends, some older than myself who have been in the social media game for years. They may not be bloggers but, they have embraced social media as a vehicle to talk about things and connect to others. My adventurous nature and daring personality will not let me sit still people.  I have tasted the enough of the world of social media to cause me to adventure more and to forge ahead.

The thing is finding  a starting point, finding my voice. I have one. I have a strong one and  I am amazed that it took me so long to get here. I must appreciate the fact that I did get here. I have introduced myself to something I thought I never would do and it’s sweet. I will continue to savor the sweetness that appeals to my creative self and I do look forward to sharing a little bit more of myself. Alrighty now!


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Viral Videos: How do they Become Viral Anyway

viral happens by Will Lion

viral happens by Will Lion







I have watched a lot of viral videos, some are good some bad. They have even started TV shows based entirely on viral videos (Right This Minute) and it got me thinking, how do these videos become viral? Why do people flock to watch them? Then I went on a quest to find some level of explanation, for myself and you of course.

So many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and only a handful becomes viral. In 2011, Kevin Allocca, trends manager at YouTube mentioned three things that make videos viral:

Tastemakers are people that introduce the larger audience to new and interesting things. These are people that are well known or in a position that they already have a large audience and when it’s picked up, the video/message spreads. for instance, Jimmy Fallon tweets a video, then all his followers start watching the video which then spreads across the social platform.

Creative communities of participation are a group of people who share the video as a big inside joke or just as a conversation piece and start talking about it and doing things with the video, like mimes. The audience is not just enjoying the videos anymore, people on social media are beginning to participate in what they watch which is leading to more of the video getting lots coverage.

Unexpectedness means that no one could predict it. It might be just a weird old video one day and then a year later, it could become the most viewed. I will say it’s all luck, just plain being lucky.

All these things mentioned earlier points to one major thing: “The audience defines the popularity, (Allocca)”. I have personally came to a conclusion that viral videos come about just as the name implies, like a virus. You don’t’ know when you are going to catch it (virus) and when it hits you, it hits you hard plus it might linger for a while.

Enough with my long virus analogy; what I’m I trying to say? Don’t aim for your videos, blog post or any other social media shares to go viral. Aim to share great and entertaining content and who knows who might catch it.

Please comment with any ideas or what you feel are some of the reasons videos go viral