The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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Funny for the Day


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Social Media 101…TESTIFY!!!

What do you want to learn in Social Media 101?

I want to get much more comfortable with channels other than Facebook. I do have a Linked-In account and have been networking on that. I really see the value of Social Media in the business world, and as a blossoming Public Relations Specialist it is just mandatory that I become (almost) an expert.

What do you like about Social Media?

I must admit that I have been a heavy Facebook addict for a few years now, and I know it’s popular to complain about Facebook these days, but I just enjoy it. I can stop anytime, I really can. No, I can’t. I’m a frequent f’booker, checking all throughout the day, seeing if folks like me. Please like me. Maybe this is a bad thing, now that I am writing this…. But honestly, I have been able to keep up with my family in Detroit and New Jersey – I feel closer and more in touch with all of them (and it’s a huge, Irish-Catholic kinda thing.) I have re-connected with old friends who have moved away from the Twin Cities and even old friends from Detroit. Even some I didn’t really like. Aw, I shouldn’t have said that.

But on a professional level, I have seen Social Media being used in fantastic ways. I volunteered at The Cedar Cultural Centre for Give to the Max Day last November, and they had two Social Media interns (I think they were from Augsburg College) who videotaped us dancing and doing crazy shit all day, and they just worked SM (I do mean Social Media, not S&M) the whole day. They posted on the Cedar’s website (of course), FB, Tumblr, and maybe two other channels, and along with a phone blitz, they made $26,272 in one day. That is massive. The community radio station on whose board I now sit, KFAI, only did $8,600 and some change, and they have the airwaves. They didn’t work the SM angle of it at all, and I believe that’s why they didn’t do as well as The Cedar. I am on the Give to the Max Day Committee for KFAI this year, and we are now going to utilize SM to its fullest extent.

What do you not like about Social Media?

I get a little queasy when I think about the general public’s loss of privacy with regard to Social Media, but I don’t worry about it too much and try to take the proper precautions about security for my computer. But I always feel like somebody’s watching me, as Michael Jackson would say, or would have said.

We currently have a very nasty situation at the radio station – we suspended an out-of-control programmer and he’s now on a Social Media blitz trying to defame various other programmers. There’s nothing we can do about it right now except to take screen shots of everything he’s doing and keep it as evidence for when we get a protective order against him. That’s a very bad aspect about Social Media.


My Thoughts on a Miraculous thing known as Social Media ..

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What do I want to learn about Social Media?

I can always benefit from adding to what I already know about social media so this course should be exciting and fun.

I would like to know the insides of how/why it works from the standpoint of the consumer or potential client.

I would like to learn how to “win” when it comes to Social Media

How to use Social Media in an effective, efficient, and accountable manner that is relevant to my job or clients everyday in the PR realm within my niche’ area of expertise.

I would like to learn about the impact it may have on my children and future generations to come.

I would like to learn how to  better connect social media’s capacity for outreach.

I would like to know how to sell it to growing or established businesses , churches, non-profits, individuals and so on..

I would like to learn how to use it  for my benefit and not someone else’s .

What do I like about social media ?

I like how even in the smallest country or city,  if you have an idea it can spread through the vehicle of “Social Media”

I like the way it connects others.

I love the way it has reunited my family members that I and others never or rarely see anymore.

I like how individuals can use social media to benefit a cause, business, endeavors  or simply highlight a plight/issue/story/problem.

I like how generations of people can learn new things through Social Media and that gift of knowledge can be shared in real-time over and over again.

I like the ability of others sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings  etc.. and having an audience that can and will respond, but only if they want too

I like that I can follow, chat, meet, message  people I know personally or not and do the same with the famous or infamous people I  want to know more about like – artists, actors, businesses, individuals and so on.

**I will always have a love of social media because it is how I met my boyfriend Adika, who later on became my fiancé then a great life-long friend.  We connected through social networking, We met on Facebook(best thing ever) in 2008, both having an equal love affair with books(Facebook’s Bookshelf) and he  of course, enjoying my profile picture :-). It is because what we initially shared on our profile(interests/groups) that brought the East coast and Midwest via Down South together.  We  grew, explored and shared who we are and what we represent, through other social networks like MySpace, Imeem and Youtube to continue our communication and journey.

Enjoying ourselves like "Normal People" muhahahha   (Enjoying ourselves like “Normal People” mu-hahaha)

What do I not like about social media ?

I don’t like how Social Media is heavily relied on by so many, and thought to be the “BeesKnees”.

I don’t like how as easily Social Media connects you to others , it can and will take you away from who or what is truly meaningful(If you allow it).

I don’t like how businesses,  advertisers, marketing institutions use your interest or likes for  tracking purposes but I understand the beast 🙂

I don’t like how  some  who follow celebrities, and bash them through social media  for what they may or may not do. I believe it is easy at times for many to  forget “celebrities” that they are people and the same way you may be feeling ..guess what they are human with opinions and thought just like everyone else – get over it!

I don’t like how I  am expected to use every  gadget or doohickey that someone invents  and if I don’t , I am the problem.

I don’t like that at times Social Media can be impersonal while being too personal at the same time.

I don’t like how individuals, groups etc.. will use social media for promoting “Hate” VS. things that can help or heal.

I don’t like how social media has become a “machine” but I respect its awesomeness.

I don’t like how you can quickly be judged on what you do or don’t do when it comes to social media.


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What I want to learn from social media? I only  need  to learn  survival social media, I only need  enough, to find  some meaningful employment . On a personal level I don’t care for  social media yet, l prefer a phone calls still.


What I like a about social media. Is that as a business,  social media is a excellent marketing tool ,  you can reach a lot of folks in one place or many Via Facebook, and Twitter etc.


What I don’t like about social media, is I think that at some point we may forget, how important one on one conversations  are. But other then that piece, I need more imfo before I can say what I don’t like about  social media I’m still very  entry level!!!


First I seek to understand (social media).


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The World of Social Media

Social media is becoming a bigger part of our lives every day.  Because of this, I want to keep on the cutting edge of social media.  I thoroughly believe that it is important to always continue to learn new things.  I also  love working with computers and expressing my views or helping others to learn new things. What I need to really learn, at this point, is the inner workings of social media and how each social media site works.  Once I learn that, I can fly. 


What I like about social media is that you can reach thousands of people at once. Even though most probably don’t care about my opinion, there is a chance I may be able to impart some knowledge to someone. In addition, many times I can learn things that I didn’t know before.  There are also, individuals out there that can do amazing artwork or write amazing stories that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. 


What I don’t like about social media is that it is so easy to be misunderstood what someone is saying. If someone misunderstands what you say and then comments negatively about it, it can go viral. Now your image is tarnished. Even though you may appropriately respond and help the person to understand what you were saying, it may not correct the problem or your image.


I hope to become a good social media guru.  Wish me luck.




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So What About Social Media?

What do I want to learn about Social Media?

I think the one thing I want to learn about social media cannot be taught, but is actually a behavior that must be learned.  I currently have several social media accounts, but do not keep up with all of them due to either forgetting that I have them, or lack of time or interest in keeping up with them.  The accounts I do use,  I use frequently and unless I am able to update to all accounts simultaneously, I don’t typically update to more than one on a regular basis.  So I guess maybe what I would like to learn is how to update the correct account with the most important information in a timely fashion.

What do I like about social media?

What I do like about social media is the ability too keep up with people. I have a lot of out of town family, and in having a busy schedule I like that I can update pictures of my kids, send a quick message and share funny cartoons/sayings with them quickly and check back in for their response when time permits.  I love that I am able to keep in touch with friends I had previously lost touch with, and share parenting stories and or tips.  I also have a guilty pleasure and like to see what celebrities are talking about, hear their latest music, watch their latest movie trailer and hear about their latest melt-downs.

What don’t I like about social media?

What I don’t like trolls, yet I feel compelled to read at least some of their comments.  Often times we as a society allow ourselves to think everything is all peaches and cream, the reading comments from the trolls allows me to keep my feet on the ground.  There are a whole lot of crazy, racist, ignorant people in this world!  Thankfully, I never forget that.


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Wut Do I Want To Learn Me Up?

What do you want to learn in Social Media 101?

I think I have a pretty good grasp of it already, actually. I have created accounts for businesses, personal accounts, bands and artists. However, there are a few platforms I’m not familiar with, so I hope to learn something about some of those.

What do you like about social media?

Instant gratification, quick communication, the ability to connect with people from all over the world, to meet new people, to get my band information out for free. I have been able to find out about causes, entertainment and news quickly.

What do you not like about social media?

People’s close-up photos of food they are about to eat, the way it can feed into narcissists, the way it can bring out the worst in people, how some people can be hooked on it. Facebook, as much as I enjoy it, does not do a good job regulating what content people can put up including horribly sexist, racist and violent pages. I was engaged in some political discussions and the people that disagreed with me ganged up and reported my posts to the extent that I was banned from posting for a couple of weeks. Facebook does not respond hardly at all to complaints.