The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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Happy to be a Socialmedia-ite

I am both happy and excited to learn social media; honestly, it’s a little intimidating to me, ‘social media.’ I find that it serves as a medium for social interaction, but my experience with social media has been a somewhat anti-social interaction. What I mean is this and I’ll use this example. I talk with a person face to face about a somewhat serious topic only to have the same person respond to me via social media and I walk away like-huh? Was that the same person, I had the face to face with? It’s like now they can say what they really mean since we are no longer face to face. This is my dilemma, but I will not allow it to control the positive experience I look forward to having once I know more about this fast-paced communications medium.

What I look forward to most during this learning experience is about security features associated with social media. As I  type this blog, I find that another thing I especially need  to learn is  how to speak the social media language as I continue my job-hunt with an agency where this area of expertise will be required.

I’m excited, it’s news to me and after this experience, I claim to make it ‘old news.’

“What is your question sir, am I proficient in social media?” ” Give me a second, while I download my electronic portfolio from my website for your perusal.” hee~hee 😉

I aim to be a  tweeting, linkedin, blogger, with plenty of pinterest for my facebook. (c) LL



      I, Daria Jackson want to learn as much as possible pertaining to social media. The world is advancing quickly in using social media. I want to be the go to person to connect businesses through marketing through this channel.

     I do not have any apprehensions on using social media in any capacity. Some people fear be being on social media, you can be targeted. I feel even without being active on social media you are still being watched somehow and somewhere. Social media is not going to stop because of these fears so I choose to be onboard with where the world is going.

     I plan on using social media in the workplace to expand the knowledge of the company or organization that I will be employed at. I am very excited to be learning social media and can’t wait to put it to work!


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Things to be learnt in this SM Class – RA

I am hoping to be able to react to questions in a good time and add valuable information to discussions, especially when relevant to the topic in question. However, I hope to learn a lot from my professor and my colleagues since I like to keep my things private. Ethics and privacy are two things that keep me going. I believe I will learn as quickly as is required of me.

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It’s Carol – What I’m hoping to get from Social Media class

Well, to start, a lessening of some of my fears of what I do and do not know or understand. That will help big time. Also, learning *how* to construct meaningful postings in the right context (i.e., Twitter, Reddit, blog posting, etc.). I know there is much to learn, and I want to be able to be comfortable when interviewing to say, truthfully, what I can do, and how I can help or participate in a social media vein.

I definitely want to see growth in my social media skillset, beyond where it sits right now. That’s where I’m at right now.

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Blogging without a license

Learning to use social media is a nightmare of freeway driving in a foreign country.

Lanes are not marked. The highway patrol is a mob. Government and corporate satellites track every move. Signage in a strange alphabet appears and disappears without notice.

Traffic zips by at varying speeds, from all sides, and in random directions. The other drivers—many of whom appear to be drunk, drugged, or deranged—are watching cartoons, making pornography, spreading gossip, and swearing into their cell phones.

Road rage is the norm. Crashes are common. Crowds gather by the side of the road to photograph, jeer, and assault the victims.

What on earth is a sane person doing in a social media class?

Fulfilling an academic requirement. Learning to survive in an alien culture. Wondering if the human race has lost its collective mind.

Out on the freeway, the clouds circle overhead, the sky turns a sickly green, and a whirlwind drags its deadly finger through eight lanes of traffic.

In cities across the land, citizens choking on tear gas have occupied the spaces that belong, by rights, to all. The mainstream media are broadcasting penguin videos and beauty contests.

There are the needs. Here are the resources. Surely there is something one person can do. Something as simple as blogging without a license. Perhaps, if they are asked, others will help.

And when the sun comes out, the crowds disperse, the freeway roars again—what then?

Maybe, just maybe, one posts a beacon. A hope. A friendly roadside sign.

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Social Media- The newest trend today!

I am really excited to learn all the newest social media outlets. As this is the  way technology is quickly growing and emerging to. To learn it and excel at it will only increase your value as a employee in public relations and also will make you more versatile and attractive to employers.  Like many things in the PR, this is a good area where you can make your skills shine.

I’m looking forward to learning how to use social media for marketing and targeting customers, advertising, promotions, communications and events. It’s a great way to reach a wide range of people all over the world in a short amount of time. And I’m also interested in learning to market myself as a “PR Guru” as I look for employment and future opportunities. I don’t really have a lot of apprehensions about using it at this point as I’m familiar with some channels. Except knowing that everything you put out there remains out there forever…somewhere.


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It’s Carol (again)

So, not knowing exactly what I’m doing here, here’s my top ten list of social media fears:

  1. Doing it wrong/stupid/weird;
  2. Not knowing when to stop;
  3. Understanding how to do it well;
  4. Being out-of-touch, language-wise;
  5. Getting bored;
  6. Finding it pointless;
  7. Getting disgusted by the irrelevance of the topics;
  8. Finding it to be a big time suck;
  9. Not knowing when to use it, and how;
  10. And, just wondering, “WHY?” to it all.

So, back to me. I’m looking forward to learning about all the different aspects of social media, then, really hoping that I can discern where I can do well, along with the ones I find most relevant. That seems to be the harder part. I don’t want to just do one of these for the sake of doing. To me that just feels pointless.