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How do you select the right channels for your organization???

How do you select the right channels for your organization. First it would depend on many things like the size of your organization, the mission or your goals. And what do you want the channel to accomplish for your organization.
When we don’t have a specific goals or a vision we won’t know if we’ ve arrived or if we have reach our objective’or goal. Let’s say we’re a small non-profit looking for volunteers to tutors kids after schools. Where would we start? How about a church’s or a corporation, in the community, or in your own backyard(close to your org). What channels or site are those folks most likely to frequent, find out by even going to those organizations and telling them what you need, and asking them how those folks can be best reach in their opinion.
I read a interesting ad in a small newspaper called NorthNews, it is a paper delivered in North Minneapolis it was a Oct, 2013 edition. One of the article’s was trying to reach voters in that area. It was titled “Make the most of a rare opportunity:Vote”. Then it shared how voting opportunity’s only came around every four years etc. It appeared that they where targeting through this channel (newspaper), voters in North Minneapolis Who didnt use computers, maybe the older residents, and those without computers. For those who did have a computer I noticed that the newspaper website was in many area within the newspaper. Bottom line is, we must determine what are needs are, and find a affordable depending, on funding to go to where that niche markets is.
Once all this is figure out, we then ask our niche market what type of imformation we need to supply to them to achieve our purpose, and in what format/channel should we deliver this material, to them. And what would contend or imformation would be important or meaningful to them, and then deliver it. It’s called giving the people what they want, because they told us what they want. MDS


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