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Super Duper Bowl

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This years Super Bowl was the most viewed in history with over 100 million viewers.  Along with a lop sided score, there was a lot of controversy about some of the commercials that were aired this year. Last year, the big issue was an interracial family that was shown on a Cheerios commercial. This year it was a Coca-Cola commercial with different languages singing America the Beautiful. It seems to be that some people will never be happy with at least one of the multi-million dollar commercials that are show cased during the years biggest T.V. event. 

It was a hard game to watch for Broncos fans as their team got beat 43-8. Social media was definitely on top of everything from making memes of Peyton Manning to responses to the Coke commercial. It seems like every year there is something that goes viral on social media pertaining to the Super Bowl. I feel like you didn’t even need to watch the game to know what went on as far as commercials and the game is concerned. All you needed was a twitter account and you could keep up with everything. The power of social media definitely was portrayed during this years Super Bowl.



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

One thought on “Super Duper Bowl

  1. I didn’t watch the game. I didn’t even use social media during it. I do know that the media was posting a lot about the social media surrounding it. The media writing stuff about social media. It works! ~Dawnerd

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