The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

Selecting The Right Channels For Your Organization

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The more I learn about social media, the more I learn there’s more to learn. Sadly, I think that’s a big issue with this ever-evolving world.

Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, Delicious, Instagram, LinkedIn….where does it end?

Just learning what social media channels are available is a big issue. I’m taking two social media classes right now and am really glad I’m doing so. While I learn about different social media each week, I practice here.

The key, to me anyway, is to not only know what each social media platform does but who is using them.

I’m helping a fashion consultant start her own business. By learning about each social media platform, I’ve come to understand that her best channels are Youtube, Pinterest as well as Facebook and LinkedIn.

I’ve considered Tumblr, which incorporates video, text and pictures but I also sense that people are using different platforms for those means. Youtube is home to videos. Pinterest is where you look at pictures. LinkedIn is for the professional connections and Facebook is where you connect with others and start conversations.

It’s a lot of work building the foundation for each channel. It’ll be even more work keeping them updated. Yet, by selecting just the few that will help “show” her work, I think it’ll be a really great way for her to publicize her new business. It’s been a lot of fun work thus far. I look forward to what’s ahead.




Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

One thought on “Selecting The Right Channels For Your Organization

  1. It’s definitely vital to find the right social platform to portray whatever it is that you’d like to portray. Instagram and pinterest are a couple of great visual sites that can allow people to actually see what you’re talking about. Without having to click a link, people can see your product.

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