The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

Facts about learning

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Education is a right, not a privilege. The right to learn, the right to know, and the right to grow and develop–are embedded into the phenomenon of education. While skills sprout out of one’s self-worth and innate potential. There is not a human that does not possess the capacity to be educated. Nevertheless, the way people see, and handles the facts of eduaction is distorting the true nature of this very important human tool. This however, is an artificial problem. But, it is also the artificail problem, which makes the great division to exist between people of all ages in societies the world over. It is this artificial division between people that makes the factor of privilege in terms of education to permeate through out human civilizations.  Therefore, the emergence of social media paves the way for many people (young and aged) to get involved in interactive literary activities. This also leads to informative interactions that develops the urge to learn, and the urge to know more and more… This is how social media gets involve in the the process of education.



Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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