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13 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Views

YouTube-icon-full_colorThere are a few simple things you can do to make your videos stand out and get more views. The next time you get ready to upload a video, follow these tips:

  1. Quality is quintessential
    If you want your video to do well, it… Has. To. Be. Good. The more interesting your content, and the more creatively you shoot and edit your video, chances are better of viewers liking and sharing it.
  2. Titles, tags, and text
    Use keywords in your titles, and also include them in the video’s description and tags. This will make it easier for your video to show up in searches. In addition, you can caption your videos (YouTube can do this automatically—sometimes with very funny results—or you can do it manually. You can even edit the automatic captions). Anywhere there is text, it is searchable.
  3. Timely topics
    Upload videos about current trends or news topics. Videos based on world topics, parodies or covers of popular songs, spoofs of celebrity gossip, and product tutorials or demos are a few examples of view-worthy videos.
  4. Create continuously
    Your subscribers and viewers look forward to your future videos. Create content regularly. The more videos, the more views. They don’t have to be lengthy; approximately 80% of online videos are less than one minute long.
  5. Authentic concentric
    Commit to authenticity from the start of your video to the final edit. Your video should reflect what you consider to be important. You can’t predict what will resonate with others, but you will have a style and content your viewers can rely on and you can be proud of.
  6. Produce playlists
    You improve your chances of getting views by putting your videos together in a playlist. After one of your videos finishes playing, the next one in the playlist will automatically start. Also, playlists make your YouTube channel more user friendly, as videos are organized into logical groups.
  7. Sharing is caring
    Use Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends and followers about your new video. Post something interesting about its content in the message. You can do this more than once—just be sure to change the message content.
  8. Respond rapidly
    When you receive comments, respond as soon as you can. Thank viewers for watching, answer questions. Respond to all comments, both good and bad. Engage with your viewers.
  9. Advise the audience
    Tell your viewers to take action. Ask them to leave a comment, like your video, share it on Facebook, or do whatever you want them to do. State it in the video, or write it in the description.
  10. Add annotations
    Take advantage of YouTube’s annotations feature in the editing area. You can use annotations to let your viewers know of additional information important to your video, make something more clear, or give a call to action (like subscribing). You can put annotations anywhere you want on the video.
  11. Location, location, location
    Post announcements of your new video (see tip #6) everywhere you can online, and embed your video on your blog, website, etc. and allow others to do the same. When a video is embedded, it plays on the site where it’s located, but it’s played through your YouTube channel.
  12. Game on!
    People love contests and being rewarded for something easy—like watching a video. Let your fans know that when your video reaches a certain number of views, you’ll release a follow-up “secret” video or other exclusive content. You can even involve them in coming up with ideas for your next video.
  13. Google+ presence
    What you do on YouTube ties into your Google+ profile. Videos you upload show up here, as well as your replies and any comments you make. If you want to develop good YouTube viewership, you should be active on Google+. Add new people to your G+ circles, follow some pages, and start interacting. The more people you connect with, the better.


YouTube is an amazing community! Good luck to you and post great videos!



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Viral Videos: How do they Become Viral Anyway

viral happens by Will Lion

viral happens by Will Lion







I have watched a lot of viral videos, some are good some bad. They have even started TV shows based entirely on viral videos (Right This Minute) and it got me thinking, how do these videos become viral? Why do people flock to watch them? Then I went on a quest to find some level of explanation, for myself and you of course.

So many hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and only a handful becomes viral. In 2011, Kevin Allocca, trends manager at YouTube mentioned three things that make videos viral:

Tastemakers are people that introduce the larger audience to new and interesting things. These are people that are well known or in a position that they already have a large audience and when it’s picked up, the video/message spreads. for instance, Jimmy Fallon tweets a video, then all his followers start watching the video which then spreads across the social platform.

Creative communities of participation are a group of people who share the video as a big inside joke or just as a conversation piece and start talking about it and doing things with the video, like mimes. The audience is not just enjoying the videos anymore, people on social media are beginning to participate in what they watch which is leading to more of the video getting lots coverage.

Unexpectedness means that no one could predict it. It might be just a weird old video one day and then a year later, it could become the most viewed. I will say it’s all luck, just plain being lucky.

All these things mentioned earlier points to one major thing: “The audience defines the popularity, (Allocca)”. I have personally came to a conclusion that viral videos come about just as the name implies, like a virus. You don’t’ know when you are going to catch it (virus) and when it hits you, it hits you hard plus it might linger for a while.

Enough with my long virus analogy; what I’m I trying to say? Don’t aim for your videos, blog post or any other social media shares to go viral. Aim to share great and entertaining content and who knows who might catch it.

Please comment with any ideas or what you feel are some of the reasons videos go viral

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Star Wars Kid Ghyslain Raza

Original Star Wars Kid

Star Wars Kid, Ghyslain Raza

My first experience with “Star Wars Kid” was on a favorite show of mine, Arrested Development. George Michael was embarrassed as his video was accidentally shown to the Bluth family. Arrested Development had spoofed many things, but I wasn’t aware of an original “Star Wars Kid” until now.

“Star Wars Kid” was one of the first videos to ever become viral. Canadian Ghyslain Raza recorded himself as he wielded a saber against imaginary antagonists in his school’s recording studio. He forgot to take the 8mm recording with him when he left for the day, and months later, it was later found by classmates of his. They thought it would be funny to post it on Kazaa, a peer-to-peer file sharing site that originated in 2001. (As of August 2012, the Kazaa website is no longer active). This was in April 2003.

Original “Star Wars Kid” video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPPj6viIBmU#t=56.

Almost as soon as the video hit the internet, people began remixing it, adding sounds and glowing light-saber-like effects to the stick Raza brandished in the video. The original and remixed videos began appearing all over the internet on popular humor sites. As soon as classmates at his school found out about the video, Raza was humiliated to no end. They harassed him by saying he should just kill himself because he was such an embarrassment.

In July 2003, the students who originally posted the video and hundreds of other fans of the video raised over $4,000. As a way to say thank you, they bought Raza a 30GB iPod and a large gift certificate to an electronics store. But because of the mortification Raza faced, he had to drop out of school and seek psychological help. His parents sued the classmates’ families for emotional and psychological damages, seeking a quarter million dollars. This was the first time privacy invasion became a concern on the internet, and has been a hot topic since.

Since Ghyslain Raza’s portrayal of Darth Maul was first uploaded to the internet in 2003, it has been estimated that the original, unmodified “Star Wars Kid” video has accumulated well over one billion views. Even before social media as we know it today, interesting content found its way around the internet. Raza’s original and remixed versions of “Star Wars Kid” still receive views, although interest level has waned.

Today, Raza is the president of Patrimoine Trois-Rivières, a company dedicated to the conservation of his hometown. He also studied law at McGill University in Montreal. Raza has recently been inspired to come forward to speak out against cyberbullying. Because of the rise in suicides resulting from bullying, he is taking steps to do something.

For more info: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/star-wars-kid.

Arrested Development’s George Michael recreating the Star Wars Kid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-EouZi1mvQ

“Star Wars Kid” picture from: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/story-behind-the-star-wars-kid-20110805-1ie0k.html.


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How To Add Value and Help Your Organization With Social Media Postings

I believe the way to add value to social media  posting would be to include “you” in it. Think about what attracts you to your  favorite sites, links, post or people and grow from that position.

What does Value mean?

Define it!

There are a few definitions  but the two that stick out for me and relate to this context would be the following:

1. the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. or

2. consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of.

As a  organization you will determine and define  how or what your values will look like, if you need help or have drawn a blank,take a look back to your mission statement  and evolve from that point.

Quick Tip:
How I remember what’s possible when I am going through transformation or embarking on a new journey, mission etc.. is that “Evolve” has the word  love in it.

Remember to add what “you”  love (passion aka your mission)

If you go from that point of view and set gentle reminders you cant help but to jump in and enjoy.

My Thoughts on a Miraculous thing known as Social Media ..

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What do I want to learn about Social Media?

I can always benefit from adding to what I already know about social media so this course should be exciting and fun.

I would like to know the insides of how/why it works from the standpoint of the consumer or potential client.

I would like to learn how to “win” when it comes to Social Media

How to use Social Media in an effective, efficient, and accountable manner that is relevant to my job or clients everyday in the PR realm within my niche’ area of expertise.

I would like to learn about the impact it may have on my children and future generations to come.

I would like to learn how to  better connect social media’s capacity for outreach.

I would like to know how to sell it to growing or established businesses , churches, non-profits, individuals and so on..

I would like to learn how to use it  for my benefit and not someone else’s .

What do I like about social media ?

I like how even in the smallest country or city,  if you have an idea it can spread through the vehicle of “Social Media”

I like the way it connects others.

I love the way it has reunited my family members that I and others never or rarely see anymore.

I like how individuals can use social media to benefit a cause, business, endeavors  or simply highlight a plight/issue/story/problem.

I like how generations of people can learn new things through Social Media and that gift of knowledge can be shared in real-time over and over again.

I like the ability of others sharing thoughts, ideas, feelings  etc.. and having an audience that can and will respond, but only if they want too

I like that I can follow, chat, meet, message  people I know personally or not and do the same with the famous or infamous people I  want to know more about like – artists, actors, businesses, individuals and so on.

**I will always have a love of social media because it is how I met my boyfriend Adika, who later on became my fiancé then a great life-long friend.  We connected through social networking, We met on Facebook(best thing ever) in 2008, both having an equal love affair with books(Facebook’s Bookshelf) and he  of course, enjoying my profile picture :-). It is because what we initially shared on our profile(interests/groups) that brought the East coast and Midwest via Down South together.  We  grew, explored and shared who we are and what we represent, through other social networks like MySpace, Imeem and Youtube to continue our communication and journey.

Enjoying ourselves like "Normal People" muhahahha   (Enjoying ourselves like “Normal People” mu-hahaha)

What do I not like about social media ?

I don’t like how Social Media is heavily relied on by so many, and thought to be the “BeesKnees”.

I don’t like how as easily Social Media connects you to others , it can and will take you away from who or what is truly meaningful(If you allow it).

I don’t like how businesses,  advertisers, marketing institutions use your interest or likes for  tracking purposes but I understand the beast 🙂

I don’t like how  some  who follow celebrities, and bash them through social media  for what they may or may not do. I believe it is easy at times for many to  forget “celebrities” that they are people and the same way you may be feeling ..guess what they are human with opinions and thought just like everyone else – get over it!

I don’t like how I  am expected to use every  gadget or doohickey that someone invents  and if I don’t , I am the problem.

I don’t like that at times Social Media can be impersonal while being too personal at the same time.

I don’t like how individuals, groups etc.. will use social media for promoting “Hate” VS. things that can help or heal.

I don’t like how social media has become a “machine” but I respect its awesomeness.

I don’t like how you can quickly be judged on what you do or don’t do when it comes to social media.


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Considerations to reach your customers and supporters. -KH

I think it is important to know your audience when selecting which social media channels to use. If you are encouraging people to do  D-I-Y art or construction projects, then Pinterest and Youtube are great channels. You can sell your items by showcasing projects and have step-by-step instructional videos. Again, if you sell fashion, then Pinterest could be useful for showcasing recent trends or ideas of putting outfits together.

Facebook seems to be a standard channel for a lot of groups and organizations. It has over a billion users around the world and a lot of people are familiar with the platform. It is a great place to engage in conversations with a lot of customers or supporters. One can throw out a post that a sale or happy hour will be coming up or ask how people feel about a topic.

Twitter seems to attract people who are succinct in their messaging, this is a great way to spread news or links to other sites with more information. I think this is another great way to pass along specials or coupons. Twitter has also been used in emergency situations for quicker updates than what the news could offer.

Yelp is a good site for people to be able to review businesses. This could be a great way to engage with customers. If someone has a negative experience, please don’t bash the reviewer but address what the concern was and try to fix it if that is possible.

I think one of the most important thing across any line of social media communication is to stay on top of whatever channel you pick and report on a regular schedule so your followers know when to expect to hear from you. So many people get excited about social media and post for a while and then drop off and become sporadic posters. People lose interest then.


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Social Media starts wanting their pound of flesh

In this time of freemiums, social media is finding ways to pay for all that free use. Or they are trying to.

All your closest friends on facebook?

All your closest friends on facebook?

A Story of Two Social Media Channels


Last Fall, Facebook, after previously denying rumors in 2011, announced that for $7 you could promote posts so that they would be higher on your friend’s news feeds. Not all users have this capability at this time, and if you have over 5,000 friends, the software cannot cope with the high number of feeds.


Not to be left behind, YouTube will be rolling out a subscriber service this Spring. Yes, I said it, YouTube is experimenting with charging for content. They are not talking about channels of cutie kitties doing cute things, but rather luring in production companies to create content that people might want to pay to see. This is YouTube, the place where we go to see things for free because most things shown there are not worth paying for.

I will be watching and waiting to see how big of an epic fail these choices are.

More industry commentary here.