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Social Media Tribes

On Minnesota Public Radio recently, Krista Tippett’s show, “On Being,”  broadcast an interview with Seth Godin, a wise thought leader on social media, and what he calls the connection economy.  He said we can find our tribes today, tribes being  the very people we identify with most readily, or the people who see things in common with us, and we can do so in the moment, virtually effortlessly. As we find our tribes, we can articulate an idea to them, propose shared praxis, and then move ahead with those projects we wish to engage in, for the common good, creating real change, and cultural progress. Or we can just amuse ourselves on the web. He advocates the former, and seemed to regret the latter. I say entertainment has its place, and I hope we can all be both entertained, and entertaining, from time to time, but I agree with this commentator on “On Being,” and I urge you to go to MPR’s “On Being”  archives and hear him for yourself. He says that today we are “invited and stretched to be artists, and to create in ways that matter to other people.” —from “On Being”    (dlh)