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13 Ways to Increase Your YouTube Views

YouTube-icon-full_colorThere are a few simple things you can do to make your videos stand out and get more views. The next time you get ready to upload a video, follow these tips:

  1. Quality is quintessential
    If you want your video to do well, it… Has. To. Be. Good. The more interesting your content, and the more creatively you shoot and edit your video, chances are better of viewers liking and sharing it.
  2. Titles, tags, and text
    Use keywords in your titles, and also include them in the video’s description and tags. This will make it easier for your video to show up in searches. In addition, you can caption your videos (YouTube can do this automatically—sometimes with very funny results—or you can do it manually. You can even edit the automatic captions). Anywhere there is text, it is searchable.
  3. Timely topics
    Upload videos about current trends or news topics. Videos based on world topics, parodies or covers of popular songs, spoofs of celebrity gossip, and product tutorials or demos are a few examples of view-worthy videos.
  4. Create continuously
    Your subscribers and viewers look forward to your future videos. Create content regularly. The more videos, the more views. They don’t have to be lengthy; approximately 80% of online videos are less than one minute long.
  5. Authentic concentric
    Commit to authenticity from the start of your video to the final edit. Your video should reflect what you consider to be important. You can’t predict what will resonate with others, but you will have a style and content your viewers can rely on and you can be proud of.
  6. Produce playlists
    You improve your chances of getting views by putting your videos together in a playlist. After one of your videos finishes playing, the next one in the playlist will automatically start. Also, playlists make your YouTube channel more user friendly, as videos are organized into logical groups.
  7. Sharing is caring
    Use Facebook and Twitter to tell your friends and followers about your new video. Post something interesting about its content in the message. You can do this more than once—just be sure to change the message content.
  8. Respond rapidly
    When you receive comments, respond as soon as you can. Thank viewers for watching, answer questions. Respond to all comments, both good and bad. Engage with your viewers.
  9. Advise the audience
    Tell your viewers to take action. Ask them to leave a comment, like your video, share it on Facebook, or do whatever you want them to do. State it in the video, or write it in the description.
  10. Add annotations
    Take advantage of YouTube’s annotations feature in the editing area. You can use annotations to let your viewers know of additional information important to your video, make something more clear, or give a call to action (like subscribing). You can put annotations anywhere you want on the video.
  11. Location, location, location
    Post announcements of your new video (see tip #6) everywhere you can online, and embed your video on your blog, website, etc. and allow others to do the same. When a video is embedded, it plays on the site where it’s located, but it’s played through your YouTube channel.
  12. Game on!
    People love contests and being rewarded for something easy—like watching a video. Let your fans know that when your video reaches a certain number of views, you’ll release a follow-up “secret” video or other exclusive content. You can even involve them in coming up with ideas for your next video.
  13. Google+ presence
    What you do on YouTube ties into your Google+ profile. Videos you upload show up here, as well as your replies and any comments you make. If you want to develop good YouTube viewership, you should be active on Google+. Add new people to your G+ circles, follow some pages, and start interacting. The more people you connect with, the better.


YouTube is an amazing community! Good luck to you and post great videos!



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Dummies have a powerful voice… (Week 2)


The best way to handle comments through social media, whether they’re positive or negative, is to be proactive. Commenters come in all shapes and sizes, as we’ve seen this quarter through the various channels we’ve studied, and every person who comments wants attention. Most of the time, people When someone talks they want to be heard. They want to know that their voice isn’t a waste of time. When someone comments on a thread or post, they want the creator of that post to acknowledge them and they want it five minutes ago.

Sitting around and waiting to see what happens next on social media is a death sentence. Nothing positive can come from waiting. When consumers comment on social media, it’s important to understand from where they’re coming, but that can be hard. If a customer has a complaint, it may be obvious that it was their mistake. Common sense errors on either side of a transaction can easily result in bad customer service. It often times isn’t the fault of the organization but since social media makes feedback from the public so easy, dummies have a powerful voice. By responding quickly and letting the public know their voice was heard, it can help preemptively snuff any fires.


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How to handle positive and/or negative comments on social media channels. -KH

Every time you make a typo, the errorists win.Gessenia Votta, on May 1, 2013, wrote 3 tips for recovering from a social media typo. She had tweeted on the pope resigning and made a typo. Within 3 minutes, she caught it, and took it down to fix it. Within that 3 minutes, someone had made a screen shot of her error and posted her mistake and correction on many social media channels. The person was not very polite with their comments, either. She also took down their comment.

Votta says, ” But the sign of a true PR professional is in how you respond to a given mistake. PR professionals need to practice what they preach to their clients. As my old PR professor would say, “Tell the truth. Tell it all, and tell it fast.”

She has three tips, which can be read in detail in the link above.

1. Own it, quickly.
2. Keep it short and keep it sweet.
3. Accept it.


These are also great tips for a lot of mistakes in life. For me, when I use an ipad or type on a phone, I am more likely to make mistakes due to the nature of the device than when I am on a keyboard connected to a computer. Is it because I am more adept at using this well established technology? Is it because I feel like I can go slower and be more thoughtful and introspective while typing on a keyboard than I do while juggling another type of device? The important thing is we are human, and to recognize we make mistakes. Some typos make me laugh, and we all need a good laugh from time to time.
In the meantime, if your company doesn’t have a policy how to handle social media comments, this is the time to develop a policy. If people are being cruel, threatening, or discriminatory, then state that those comments will be deleted. If people make positive comments, acknowledge them — especially when they acknowledge we all make mistakes! 🙂 – KH