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Social Media Provides Some Historical Facts about the Negro Leagues

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Hall of Fame is filled with history and nostalgia. So was the Negro Leagues Baseball (NLB). There is always someone reminiscing about Mickey Mantle or Babe Ruth. Hardly anyone has stories to share about the NL unless there is a special on a sports network or they are being featured for something involving history. Do not misunderstand me; there are some of great stories floating about but not as much as MLB.
The Negro League was victims of discrimination. This league was filled talent. Talent that belonged in MLB. Although players of NLB have been inducted into MLB Hall of Fame it is not the same as it would have been if they were allowed to compete in MLB. Can you imagine how complete the game of baseball would have been? Basically the MLB Hall of Fame is incomplete; because they did not allow themselves play against some of the best. The world missed out on some spectacular baseball players. I am sure glad times have changed.
Many of us have little or knowledge or the Negro Leagues. Social Media has changed that. Via Social Media I am going to share some interesting facts about the Negro Leagues.

1. 1920, Andrew “Rube” Foster, owner of the Chicago American Giants, formed the Negro National League in Kansas City, Missouri.
2.  When the league was formed, there were 8 teams: Chicago American Giants, Chicago Giants, Cuban Stars, Dayton Marcos, Detroit Stars, Indianapolis ABCs, Kansas City Monarchs, and St. Louis Giants.
3. In 1924, the first Negro World Series was played between the Kansas City Monarchs (Negro National League Champions) and the Hilldale Club (Eastern Colored League Champions). Kansas City won the series championship 5 games to 4.
4. Leroy “Satchel” Page was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1971, the first of the Negro League star to receive the honor. Gibson and Leonard were inducted in 1972, and Cool Papa Bell in 1974.
5.  According to the best compilation of statistics in that era, Josh Gibson hit 84 home runs during the 1936 season. It is important to note that only 40-50 games were played against top Negro League competition, while up to an additional 150 games could have been played although against much weaker competition.
6.  The Cleveland Buckeyes signed the first white player ever to play in the Negro Leagues, Eddie Klepp, for the 1946 season. This was the only season he played for the league.
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