The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

The Joys and Pains of Social Media

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I was familiar with Social Media; however, thanks to my Public Relations Specialist Program my learning curve is continually growing. Each time I am online there is always something new, something old, something bold and something sad. You get my point. That is the life of Social Media. And boy, what a life it can be for some of us. That is why it is the Joys and Pains of Social Media.

The delight of Social Media is endless. Connecting with friends from the past via Facebook and finding people with the same interests through meet up groups. Not to mention you can share your favorite link with a friend and they will receive the information in a matter of minutes or seconds.

Marriages, friendly competitions and trash talking, do it yourself videos, global conversations, encouraging people you have never met and learning new recipes. You can even connect with your favorite athlete or celebrity. There is so much information on the World Wide Web people have stopped going to the library(I do not recommend this).The joys of Social Media is endless. I never thought I would enjoy online shopping, but I do. There are more product and colors to choose from. At times I feel like a kid in a candy store.

As usual the when “good” is happening it seems “bad” is lurking nearby. Social networking sites are filled with haters and other dangerous people. So be cautious of the cyberbullies, child predators (if you have children that use the internet), and con artists and so on. These people seem to receive pleasure out the pain the dump on people. You cannot stop all of them. The best anyone can do is to educate themselves about the dangers.

Social Media is a wonderful resource that enhances the lives of individuals. Let’s make the experience it beneficial and not detrimental for all.


Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

One thought on “The Joys and Pains of Social Media

  1. Reconnecting with long loved ones has always been one of my favorite social media experiences as well. -Cheryl

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