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7 Days of Blogging – Blogging for Two

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lonely road crI  like to attempt to write stories and sometimes even poetry, or at least jot down memories of experience. I definitely write every time I travel. It seems to fit in as a must, and one always has more time to dream and envision when traveling. Since I haven’t been traveling much as of late, perhaps I should write someone else’s stories. Which brings me to my number “2” in my self-imposed 7 days of blogging, my mom and me.

My mom took a trip earlier this year and drove part of the original Route 66. Years ago, she took a Millennium Cruise, traveling for six months and going to every continent. This is when her “Gypsy Letters” started. She would send me an email whenever she had the chance, and I was the filter, fixing spelling and grammar, and “Ilse-isms”. I did additional research on the places she’d experienced and included links in the reports. There have been a few trips over the years since that first trip when the “Gypsy Letters” continued, and this RT 66 trip was one of them.

Before her trip she discovered a website, which had quite a few stories about Route 66. She was feeling adventurous that day because she sent a comment to the writer. He responded. She mentioned to me that the gentleman wanted to speak with her and would be calling her. She forwarded his note and her response:

“I’d like to do a small blog post over the weekend, would post Monday. I just love this story.”

“What does blog post mean and who will read it? I don’t want to be in the news and people follow me? And…what story? You don’t even have one yet.”

I had to laugh out loud. So very Ilse! It was definitely time I explained to my mom what a blog is!

I also told her I wanted to check out the website before he called her or wrote about her! And so I did. To my surprise, he turned out to be Dave Hoekstra, the former travel writer for the Chicago Sun Times. My Mom had once again made a new and interesting friend. Sometimes it’s a penguin, sometimes a real Eskimo without teeth, but this time she’d discovered a bona fide storyteller!Truck_last_shot_LR

She went off on her adventure, and I took on the task of documenting her adventure through her “Route 66 Gypsy Letters”. This basically entails getting her email of the day, having a fun read, editing for grammar and spelling, sometimes having to decipher meaning and sometimes providing continuity of thought. Again I researched for links to the places she was exploring. I love this part of it because I feel I am exploring the places with her. Then the “Gypsy Letters” were sent to the people on her list. Dave also received these stories from me, and he then wrote his own blog about her. My mom was published once again, this time for all the world to read with a click of the fingertips and she is now a part of the social media blogosphere.

~Christine Dietsche

BlueWhale_Gypsy_RT66_LRClick below if you’d like to read Dave’s blogs about my Mom:

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