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Is Social Media for your small Business??

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Social media is not for every business. For a small business you might think what I just said is silly but here is why it would be very wise to think and plan things thoroughly before starting social media for your small business.

Before you start

Before you even think of getting a social media page for your business, you should make sure that your product is of good quality and it’s complete. Believe me there are businesses that have gone on social media when they don’t need to be there. You also need to have lunched your product/services successfully, to a certain point because you do not want to be promoting a product/service that people don’t want or like.

Now you are ready

After a successful or an OK launch, you can now create a social media channel for your business. Please refrain from jumping into using a social platform to do whatever you want. If you want to run a successful social platform for your business, you have to think about what type of audience/customers you want to attract and eventually cater to. You should offer valuable information to your customers while having your brand and mission as an underlying factor. Although different platforms cater to different customers that doesn’t mean you should be on every social media platform out there. Pick a couple that you would have time and be able to manage successfully and stick to it.

Having all the social media channel is not likely to lead to fast sales either. But social media does allow you to promote your brand to an audience that is interested in hearing from you. You will need to engage with your customers and this is not going to be easy.

Engaging your customers definitely won’t happen overnight. If you approach social media correctly you would be greatly rewarded with subscribers, followers and friends that understand who you are as a business and what you stand for. Your customers will need some form of engagement from you. Yeah it sounds like a marriage, well it is. What does a marriage need the most? Great communication and connection!

For at least an hour, sometimes it could be more, put aside a day you could work on building a strong relationship with your customers on social media and you would, with some luck, lead your followers to become brand advocates.

Some suggestions regarding social media channels

Business blogs

A business blog is an excellent way of sharing your expertise and knowledge to a wide range of customers. Creating a blog should probably be a starting point for your business on a social platform. There are many great easy to use blogging platforms like WordPress and Weebly which are free or cheap to create a page. This means that you don’t have to learn HTML coding or spend enormous amount of money on a web designer. Although it might be wise to consult a great graphic/web designer if you want to create a specific look for your page.  Overall, if you post remarkable content, instead of just advertising, it will drive traffic to your blog and will eventually lead to more likes and followers. A great example would be Stony Field Farms an Organic Dairy Business. Although their business log is simple, it is also very interactive with its customers.


Facebook is the leading social media platform today. With hundreds of other businesses having pages, small businesses might be discouraged about starting a page of their own but have faith because when you grab your customer’s attention you will be on your way to success. Since Facebook is a social space it would be difficult but one thing to think about is how you can tap into people’s emotional side.

Once you have that connection/emotional piece down, you can then try to make your Facebook page interactive and valuable for the user. For example, if your business throws an event, you can get attendees to sign up to join your Facebook page as they leave. Then, make your Facebook a point for everything interesting and connected to your event. This creates publicity while promoting your brand.


Twitter is a great way to keep people interested in your business and continue to preserve what you are in their memory. Your followers on twitter will be able to see your tweets on their feed. One of the best thing about twitter is that your followers don’t have to go to your page for them to get your message because once they follow you they have chosen to be received your messages. With clear and informative tweets you have the power to reach your customers and potentially more, while creating huge brand exposures.

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