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Talking about Race

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Due to the recent shooting of an unarmed black teen by a white police officer in Ferguson MI, the issue of race has been front center in our lives. What I find interesting is how even in 2014, is how hard it still is to talk about race and how it effects us. This blog sums it up perfectly..




We as a people are extremely uncomfortable talking about race relations. My black friends think white people are to naïve to understand the issue, or too racist. My whites are either to naïve to get or get to defensive to talk about race.


We need to push past the uncomfortable silences and face the issues head on. White people need to come to terms with the idea of white privilege. Black people need to come to terms that all of our problems are not caused by “The Man” and start taking personal responsibility for our circumstances.


We also just need to start hanging out with each other. I’ve recently read that the majority of people have never had a friend from another race. If that sad fact is true, we will never get over our race issues. If we continue to stay ignorant of each others cultures we will continue to have an atmosphere of mistrust. Blacks will continue to think all whites are racists, whites will continue to cross the street when they see a black teen walking towards them. All people of latin decent will be looked at as illegals etc.


I am sick and tired of our race issues. I know to many good people from all backgrounds and nationalities for race to such a derisive issue for our country.


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One thought on “Talking about Race

  1. I have found it quite easy at times (get it right) to talk to someone from another race. Embracing someone different begins with opening up the lips. I talk to you and you talk to me is one way to break racial differences. It is through honest discussion and participation that change the lens of how people see the world. Talk about being uncomfortable, try being the only one of your race at a wedding in another neighborhood or try being the only family at Thanksgiving dinner. In fact, my children, who are past their twenties have been the recipients of diversity since they were 1 or 2. Simply because, I their mother, chose to see people as people. How, I took them around. I exposed them to the real world because they saw their mother befriend people who were different who came from all walks of life, different races, ethnicities (did I spell that right) and lifestyles. I even took them to protest marches. I wanted to give my children chance to be educated about the things of life. Isolation was not an option. The best thing we can do for ourselves, our families and the world is step outside outside of our small little corner of the world and kick it with someone who talks different, walks different, acts different and thinks different. You will learn that we have so much more in common than we could ever imagine. It is not a cure all to the race hatred we experience but a beginning. It is unfortunate that we still live in a world where some people feel entitled to commit hateful acts against others. That is because no one holds them accountable. As long as people get the message that they don’t have to accept others they will never change.

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