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Social media and Fundraising

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turtle and the hareI was talking with my friend the other day. She was explaining how her employer is asking her to come up with some creative fundraising ideas. Let us see, the last time I checked she was employed as a Radiologic Technologist. Has there been a change to her job position? The answer-no.  Apparently, the health care center she is working for is experiencing financial hardship. Therefore, I asked my friend, “What creative fundraising ideas have you thought of?” The answer- a turtle race. What the what? Yes, it is a creative idea. However, will it bring in the cash needed for a health care center? How is a turtle race associated with a health care organization? Well, a few people I know may remind me that some turtles carry salmonella, and that may indirectly benefit the clinic. However, I do not think that is the kind of “exposure” the clinic needs.

Which brings me to the question. How can a non-profit organization utilize social media channels for fundraising activities? How can it go beyond just asking for donations and posting their events on social media? I am here to tell you I found seven ways to utilize your social media channels. If you follow these tips, you will likely increase your fundraising efforts by a whopping 40%. Listed below are the tips and tricks I found on social media.

networking imageUse what information you have already at your fingertips. Valuable information is located in your email contacts list, volunteer databases, and your volunteer databases. Use these tools to help spread the word about your fundraiser.You need to know what your organization stands for. What are its personal and/or professional values? Think strategically. What organizations share similar values? Align your organization with these organizations.

  1. Listen to your customers, and act on it. Too many organizations are inactive on their Facebook and Twitter channels. By interacting with your customers, you are better able to increase connections and build relationships.
  2. Show how your customer’s gifts and donations helped make a difference. When you post videos and pictures on your social media channel, you further engage the customer. Once they see these images, they may be compelled to give more.
  3. Empower your network. Let your volunteers, donors, and employees help. Offer suggestions and provide direction. Your network will use their network to support your event.
  4. Social gaming is huge! Create a fundraiser that benefits social gaming.
  5. Create a call for action. Everyone needs reminders. Be sure to include a call to action after a few social media posts. Some suggestions include phrases such as “like” “share this”, “spread the word, please”, “get your early-bird event tickets”, etc.
  6. Host a contest. Contests increase participation and expand your network. Do not forget to choose the winner of the contest based on number of likes the contestant received.


Hope this helps. Your questions and comments are welcome. Good luck. 🙂 #MA


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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