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Learning New Skills- Affordably

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knit The chilly nights are leading to cool mornings. I love this time of year! It is not officially fall, but it is close and I can feel it. My perennials are starting to show the signs that summer is ending. I may need to start covering them at night to keep them warm.

What about you? Have you started to feel the chill in the air? Around this time every year, I get the itch to bring out my yarn and knitting needles. It is a rewarding experience to see the work in progress get longer, bigger. Moreover, it feels great to get a head start on a knitting project have it finished and wrapped up for a Christmas gift.

Have you taken knitting classes? I know the classes can be expensive. Another downfall is you only have access to the instructors during class time. How annoying! What do you do if you do not have the money to take classes? What if your knitting class is over and you are stuck because you have a question regarding a new stitch you want to learn? Better yet, you are stuck with the stitch you are working on right now.

You could buy another knitting book. But then again, you are paying additional money that you did not want to spend. Trust me if you bought the book, it would sit on your bookshelf and accumulate dust. You know why I know this, personal experience. I cannot tell you how many knitting books I have bought. One knitting book had a better layout. The pictures were better in the other book. The one thing all knitting books have in common is they do not provide three-dimensional images of what a stich should look like. Do not waste your money!

I am here to tell you Social media is the best teacher you could ask for. Save your money, and learn in the comforts of your own home. Social media is free and available 24/7!  I found the best instructional guidance on You Tube. These videos provide three-dimensional images of how to create the stitch and what the stitch should look like. Moreover, you are able to pause the video while you are creating the stitch. How awesome is that?

To get started, I am providing you with an active link. http://youtu.be/mgwi3xgZzlk

If knitting is not your thing, you may be interested in learning how to crochet. The information I provided above applies to crocheting as well. Do not waste your money with buying instructional crochet books. Save your money and learn on You Tube.

Hope this helps. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Good luck 🙂 #MA






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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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