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Social Media and Personal Branding

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In today’s competitive workforce, many people are struggling to figure out how to make it past the computer to get in for their first interview. This massive computers sole purpose is to pitch as many resumes out the door as possible. How does one compete with a computer system such as this? Answer: rethink your strategy.

computer monsterPersonally speaking, I am rethinking my strategy and so should you. Today’s environment is not the same as it was years ago. To be competitive in the current marketplace requires you to brand, and network yourself. In this blog, I will briefly discuss personal branding.

“What is personal branding?” Wiki defines personal branding as, a process of differentiating the self by standing out from the crowd. It means you must identify and share your individual value with others. Your value proposition can be either personal or professional. Next, you need to leverage your value proposition with a consistent message and image. Once you have done this, you are able to identify and apply the information Personal branding enables you to establish a reputation of credibility while networking and seeking employment.

How do I figure out what my personal brand is? Great question! To figure this out, you must reflect upon skills you are proficient with, your personal expertise, and the skills others have said you are particularly suited. Some questions to ask yourself include who needs to know about you and the skills you can offer. What needs are you best able to fill, and for what type of business? What are you passionate about? What do you see yourself doing? Lastly, what makes you different from others who have the same interests and certifications?

Yes, this is a lot of information to reflect upon. I am here to inform you there are many resources online to help you with this endeavor. Lucky for us, social media provides a wealth of information that is available 24/7. I am enclosing an active link to assist you in developing your personal brand. I encourage you to utilize this asset. Good luck :



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  1. Forgot to use my initials for my post. Social Media and Personal Branding 8/29/14 3:55pm #MA

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