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How a corporation can add value to social media posts, or would you like fries with that?

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I think the best way to add value to my social media posts is to add an option for people to connect. There should be a reason for the post, such as a thesis statement, and then a question for people to contemplate and answer. For instance, if I were a public relations person for Burger King, I might ask the readers of my blog to answer, “What do you really think about our fries?” Rather than just asking them questions on a value level of 1 to 5, I might ask them to further say why they do or do not like them. I would ask them to make suggestions such as:

 1) They are not always hot.

2) They are too soggy/greasy.

3) They taste like they have too many artificial chemicals.

4) The servings are not appropriate for the price.

5) How do they compare to McDonald’s or Wendy’s French fries?

 I think this would improve the results from the social media post as you would get more specific answers than you would on a numeric system. An area where a respondent would be allowed to elaborate would give the company more detailed information to investigate.

 Turning this question into a social media forum, and perhaps a taste-testing contest, would add value to the post and allow people to give more in-depth answers. This would allow the consumers to offer more input as to how Burger King could improve their French fries. It would also let their customers knows that the company cares about their input.

 I think this would also help the Burger King corporation to reach out to the users of social media, and get their name brand out there in a cheaper form of advertising. It would help them as a company to have an alternative way to offer coupons and incentives to come and eat at their restaurants.

 As Burger King is probably in the number 2 position in fast-food restaurants, and French fries are often the big battlegrounds in this area, I think a full-blown social media attack in this area would help them to increase market growth.

 Social media is often geared towards the younger generation, and the fast food industry is one which also must look at new ways to draw that crowd.

 So, to sum it up, I think to add value to my social media posts in an industry such as fast food, I would create more interaction to allow my users (customers) to give their input, and offer suggestions for ways to improve our food. This would allow our company to better find out what our customers really want, and we would get better sales from improving our products.

By utilizing social media, such as Facebook discounts, etc., Burger King could create better customer relations, and also bring in new diners. By improving their  standing in the fast-food world, they could also draw in more potential employees who would like to work for a higher quality organization.

To sum it up, social media could draw more attention to the company, and how they are working to create a better quality product and draw more employees.



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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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