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Advice from Biz Stone, Twitter’s Co-founder

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I’m not yet convinced that Twitter is a great gift to the world, but I was entertained and inspired by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s memoir, Things a Little Bird Told Me. I copied down quotes, and when the book comes out in paperback I’ll probably buy it and underline and notate the good quotes.

Here’s an example:

“My dictionary defines opportunity as a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something. The world has conditioned us to wait for opportunity, have the good sense to spot it, and hope to strike at the appropriate time. But if opportunity is just a set of circumstances, why are we waiting around for the stars to align? … [Y]ou might as well go ahead and create the set of circumstances on your own. If you make the opportunity, you’ll be first in position to take advantage of it.

It wasn’t until later that I realized that this is the core of entrepreneurship – being the person who makes something happen for yourself. But it’s also true for all forms of success, in all parts of life.”

One of Biz’s examples was when he was in school and decided he should participate in a sport. He couldn’t compete with the boys who had been playing football, basketball and baseball for years. After enduring the tryouts he convinced his school to start a lacrosse team – he didn’t know the rules for that game, either, but neither did his teammates – a level playing field, literally.

I found the quote and story particularly appropriate for someone who is about to go out and look for work in my new career of public relations. I’m starting now to create my own sets of circumstances.

— JE

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