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Ingredient Without a Home

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I grew up with a stay-at-home mother. She cooked and baked. I think that is why I feel a strong desire to cook and bake. Okay, I love sweets. The truth is out. I would live on sugar if I could, but I know better. At Christmas time, my mother and siblings would make many different types of cookies. My favorite were always the rolled-out sugar cookies (Sounds funny I know, but that is how mom describes them.) with thick frosting. Mom would use peppermint, mint, and vanilla extracImaget to give the frosting great flavor. Not all together, each colored frosting had a different flavor.

I have had two periods of my professional life that have centered on food. I worked for many years in a grocery store–Applebaum’s and then the new concept that they became, Rainbow Foods . Who would have thought? My mother was a true bargain shopper. When we were very young, my parents would drag us to the grocery store. My mother did not drive , so this was a weekly family outing. No big deal you say? Well, how would you like to spend 2 hours going to 4 different stores, one right after the other, to get those sale prices that were carefully circled in the newspaper ads? Maybe some of you remember Red Owl, Country Club, Knowlan’s, and National?

My second round involved working for a marketing company representing a food manufacturer at 100+ grocery stores. During my many visits to my accounts, I was able to start a small collection of cookbooks. One of the wholesalers that supplied the stores with food products started selling books at a large discount-80% off. I was in heaven. I love books anyway, having been trained as a graphic designer. Who could turn down a well-designed cookbook with great recipes for $5-$8?

I now have an opportunity to find and make some new recipes. I purchased a jar of sun-dried tomatoes and fusilli pasta to make this new recipe. The fusilli looks like long locks of blond curly hair. I guess that is not a good analogy, hair and food should never mix. I will understand if you needImage to stop reading this now because you are so grossed out.


I like tomatoes. I thought this recipe sounded interesting. It also included hamburger and some wine. Cooking is about sharing. The ideal situation is to cook food that you can convince your partner to eat. This recipe did not pass the muster test. Waste of time, I am not making this dish. This is where social media enters the picture. Search the net for sun-dried tomato recipes.

I was the sole judge to decide to make a dozen of these muffins with sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese, and spinach. I don’t know, maybe the one cup of whole wheat flour that I added to the recipe made the muffins too heavy and filling. Anthony, you were too kind. I am not even sure if I like them and would make them again. I could only eat six before I lost total interest. What am I to do with the other half of a jar of sun-dried tomatoes? I guess I will head back to the recipe-filled world of the internet. TAM

I suppose you are thinking, what did I do with the other six uneaten muffins? I am not saying.


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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