The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

Dandelions Dandelions

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It’s the way

You swung your words

and your hung your head

And demanded

full surrender

Yo see the girl I knew

where did she go she was just here

O God Not her too

She turned in a vampire O no

She suck my blood as I stood

Step on push I sat in the corner just looking

steps steps I ran away

I never new I would be had

O no I need to run

Not here so close to home

I need to run

No need to confront

It is just painful

I will walk away okay

No need to feel any thing just run

YOu are luck to be alive

No need to look back

Just misery and pain

O I am out of breath Just run

Dont look back No need to bring along the pain

Just run and see the light no need to worry any more






Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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