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Public Relations Reflection (17Q17)

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I was told to write a PR reflection for my program at the Takoda Institute. I feel that the love of communication needed to be good at PR obviously translate into social media management as well. This is what I wrote.


My name is Q. Anthony Amos, and I am a Public Relations Specialist. My job is to translate the goals and messages to the public on behalf of an organization, and manage the spread of information between the two parties.  To achieve effective communication channels, a PR specialist must possess an understanding each group’s history, current objectives, and future goals. Furthermore, they must have an understanding of what makes a potent message, and accurately forecast possible responses to that message.

Because I am a graduate of the PRS program at the Takoda Institute of Higher Education, it is my belief that I possess the knowledge and acumen to be an effective Public Relations Specialist. My curriculum included fundraising, marketing, event planning, social media, and AP writing. This is all in addition to a passion for graphic design and intermediate knowledge of web design.

While all of these skills are valuable, the one trait that makes for an effective PR Specialist, above all others, is a desire for proper representation. Everyday should be a quest for crystal clarity between themselves and any relationship they choose to cultivate. The need to get their message across to the other party completely must be all-consuming. That’s the only way to have intelligent discourse and mediation. Therefore, that’s the only way I wish to communicate.

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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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