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Gamification Part 1: What is it? (17Q17)

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Halo guitar

Leveling-up is the most addictive feeling ever. It’s the march of progress with cool milestones that keep you going. Everyone loves unlocking that cool new sword or slaying that first dragon. This tangible form of self-empowerment is finding its way into other aspects of our lives. This phenomena is called gamification, and it can only make us more awesome.

One of the best places gamification is taking place is the arena of self-education and skill building. The days of battling long, dusty tomes whose sole mission is to put the reader to sleep are quickly becoming history. The system of giving rewards for progress, applied to all areas of self improvement- what’s not to love?

Wanna learn java? Done. Need help running father? Boom. Need too quit smoking? Go here.

I’m currently using a tool born in gamification to learn the guitar. View here!

Don’t hesitate to learn a skill. Technology is making it easier to do so everyday.




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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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