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Blogging for Beginners #6 : BONUS Blog Tips & Tricks

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Once upon a time, three days ago, I was lured in by the tagline,

Blogging deadline coming up? Use these free blog post templates to create posts, fast.


The Five Blog Post Templates are (1) How-To (2) List-Based, (3) Curated, (4) SlideShare, and (5) Newsjack.

Go to the HubSpot templates to see further detail and a links to examples.

Below, see the compiled list BONUS Blog Tips & Tricks.

·         Keep it High Quality and Relevant

+  quality and relevance should always apply.

+ represent the utmost level of quality.

·         Add Value

Although not a blog post, one of our top-performing ebooks, “101 Awesome Marketing Quotes,” is nothing more than a compilation of various inspirational quotations from marketing experts, presented in a visually stimulating way.

Oftentimes, it isn’t enough just to aggregate.

Do the homework to collect all the [quotes].

Then present them in a way for readers to enjoy. i.e. add visual elements

·         Give Credit Where Credit’s Due

+ you have to link to the original source.

·         Provide Context

explain why it’s important to do whatever it is you’re explaining.

level the playing field for readers who may not be as “in the know” as others.

use stories, data, or talk through best practices and the logic behind them.

provide a sense of urgency,

·         Include Screenshots Accompanied by Explanatory Text

+ It helps people understand what to do if they can see it.

+ Visual confirmation that they’re doing the right things is a nice motivator

+ encourages the reader to keep going.

  • Be Precise, if Applicable

+ Be extremely clear, and provide the exact names, and locations

for every step of a process.

+For instance, you shouldn’t tell someone to “go to your account settings.”

·         Anticipate Potential Questions and Roadblocks Before They Come Up

Think ahead and solve for the user.

explain how to avoid the problem.

·         Be Comprehensive

A reader post only half the story.

Share all of the legitimate, solid, parts of the full story

·         Be Detailed in the Right Places

Every list item should have some explanation or a visual or both,

If your post is a long list, you don’t need to explain things so thoroughly.

If your list is short (a good benchmark is anything under 5)

·         Provide Examples

Support the items in your list with examples – whether visuals, or anecdotes.

Provide examples of the things you’re talking so the reader can see how it would work in the real world.

·         Be Accurate

No matter which type of template you’re writing, it must always be fact-checked.

Take the extra few minutes to ensure everything you’re reporting is true.

It’s better to wait 5 more minutes to publish than to send out inaccurate information to hundreds of thousands of people.

·         Source Your News Properly

Credit the source that broke the news to you.

 Also, always try to find the original source.

·         Tell a Story

The best posts make use of the unique medium by telling a story.

·         Create a Compelling Nice Cover Image / Title Slide

+ A sexy cover image helps posts get a little more traction.

+  find some ways to provide visual interest with different fonts or colors, or creative use of stock photos.

·         Include Calls-to-Action Throughout, and at the End

+ generate as many leads as possible without impacting the fluidity of the story.

+ If in SlideShare, embed it. That’s a lot of lead generation opportunity you want to take advantage of.


Return to read blogs in the future, when I APPLY THE 5 TEMPLATES! 



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