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 Blogging for Beginners #4 : Blog Templates use 15 Standard Steps

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As I mentioned in my post, Blogging for Beginners #1 & 2,

HubSpot lured me in with the tagline, Blogging deadline coming up?

Use these free blog post templates to create posts, fast.

Henceforthereto, I shall continue this primer for us Marketing Beginner Bloggers, grace of the HubSpot Team for their contributions to making blogging a bit easier for us beginner bloggers.

The Five Blog Post Templates are (1) How-To (2) List-Based, (3) Curated, (4) SlideShare, and (5) Newsjack.

Each use 15 Standard Steps.


PROCESS in brief

Step 1: Audience

Step 2: Key Takeaway

Step 3: Possible Titles

Step 4: Outline

Step 5: Introduction

Step 6: Body

Step 7: Conclusion

Step 8: Links

Step 9: Finalize Title

Step 10: Call-to-Action

Step 11: Copy/ Paste into Blogging Platform

Step 12: Edit, Edit, Edit!

Step 13: Choose an Image

Step 14: Optimize for Search

Step 15: Publish!


PROCESS in detail

Step 1: Identify Your Audience

Which buyer persona are you writing this blog post for?

Step 2: Identify Your Key Takeaway

What do you want your audience to know??

Step 3: Brainstorm a Few Possible Titles

+ Jot down ideas.

+ HubSpot likes to choose a working title to stay on target.

+ Once the post is complete, fine tune the title.

+ Reflect the content, grab readers’ attention, and optimize for search.

Step 4: Create an Outline

  • An introduction:

Set the stage

What are all the bases you need to cover to introduce your topic

  • A body:

Explains the every step presented in the introduction.

Explain it in detail

  • A conclusion: Wraps up your post with a brief statement.

remind the reader what they just learned?

Step 5: Write the Introduction

+ Establish credibility. Empathize with audience to introduce topic.

+ It’s okay to leave the introduction for last, too.

Step 6: Write the Body

+ Follow through on what you promised in the introduction.

+ Write in paragraphs, with bullets, numbered lists, multiple headings, or a mix of all of these.

+ Explain in order to avoid confusion. Add visuals to make learning easier for readers.

Step 7: Write the Conclusion

+Paraphrase the key takeaway

+ Prompt your reader with a question.

Step 8: Link to Additional Resources within Your Post

+ Sometimes it’s hard to say everything you want in one post,

+ identify additional resources for additional detail or credibility.

+ Increase visibility in search engines, page views, and time on site with Hyperlinks to other blog posts or pages on your site

+ Third party content can round out your perspective and help you appear more trustworthy to your readers.

Step 9: Finalize Your Title

+ Make it accurate, specific, sexy, concise, and SEO-optimized.

+ Need help? Check out this post on writing kick-ass titles.

Step 10: Pick a Call-to-Action

+ Tell readers what to do after reading the blog post?

+ Create a custom CTA button with your desired call-to-action, use one of these 50 free and pre-designed templates to include at the end of your post.

Step 11: Copy and Paste Your Blog Post Copy into Your Blogging Platform

Prepare post for publishing.

Using Microsoft Notepad (or TextEdit on a Mac), copy/paste title and text into the text editor program.

All formatting will be stripped so that when you next copy/paste it into the blogging platform, the content will render correctly.

Now’s the time to make your blog post scannable by using headers, bold text for key points, hyperlinks, and images where applicable.

Step 12: Edit, Edit, Edit!

+ Ask a colleague to read prior to publishing.

+ Or, try The Ultimate Editing Checklist.

Step 13: Choose an Image

+ Every blog post should have an image to entice a click

+ when the blog post is shared to social media channels, there is a a thumbnail image.

+ Check out these HubSpot royalty-free images (general, business, and holiday)

or see other online stock photos

Step 14: Optimize Your Post for Search

+ Make sure the post can be easily discovered in search engines.

+ Check out HubSpot for tips on how to do that on the post, Blog SEO for the Modern Marketer: How to Optimize Your Posts

Step 15: And Finally, Hit Publish!

+ Publish your post

+ Don’t forget to start tracking its performance!

 Still a beginner, but getting better?  

Come back next time to see Tips and Tricks for each type of template.


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