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Crashing Servers For Your Rights (17Q17)

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“The cable companies have figured out the great truth of America: if you want to do something evil, put it in something boring.”

Using his new HBO show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver showed the American people that the fight to take away net neutrality is anything but neutral. He explained it in exquisite satirical form, and ended with a call to action that many responded to.

Monday morning, the FCC’s server crashed from 47,000 people rallying against the hijinks of big cable. It seems that this is just the beginning.

The net neutrality debate is filled with enough legal and technical jargon to put an IRS auditor into a coma. Barely anyone knows what it means and why they should care. John Oliver has shown why it’s important and how it affects all of us. Like any American right sacrificed in the name of greed, it’s something you won’t miss until it’s gone.


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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