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Social Media Fuels The Local Craft Beer Movement: Dangerous Man Brewing Co

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If one ever needed a fix of Portlandia without getting on a plane, step into Dangerous Man Brewing Company’s tap room any weekend. Bikes, beards and bohemia dominate. It is just like stepping into a Adam Turman poster. If Psycho Suzi’s had a hipster cousin, Dangerous Man would be it.

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The beer is excellent, but the draw is the crowd itself.  Hard pressed to find anyone over 45 years of age, and the place is packed wall-to-wall.  Now, trends come and trends go, and Dangerous Man is having its 15 minutes of fame in the heart of a very trendy neighborhood. The owners opened their doors at the right time in 2012 and are reaping their just rewards.  It is my hope this craft brewery outlives its Warholian moment and is in it for the long-haul.

You have to love their attitude, posted on their website; “What is the vibe like when you walk into Dangerous Man?During the week you are likely to find an array of neighborhood folk enjoying pints and good conversation. It is warm and welcoming, with awesome staff to answer your beer questions.

Weekends are a different beast. It is not unusual to find a line outside the door with a packed house inside. Music is bumping, beers are slanging and happy beer loving folks are abound.Music is always playing (everything from Star Wars Cantina song to P.O.S. can be heard), we have wi-fi, many high top tables and a cabinet full of board games. The long communal table might encourage you to chat with your neighbor or you can sit on the pile of grain and enjoy looking at our copper brewhouse.”

Next to almost every pint you’ll find a smartphone in play. This is a high-tech demographic disguised in tattoos with a little b.o. Dangerous Man’s website and social media presence is filled with poster art and self depreciating humor.  It sets a playful irreverent tone that connects very well with its customer base.

Again, social media it the primary marketing vehicle. These guys don’t pay for advertising because they don’t have to. They opened in 2012 and quickly networked on Facebook and Twitter.  At this point, they only need to keep their followers informed about what events they’ll appear at, what new beer or branded garment they’ve released, and the food truck schedule. Here’s the social media stats;

  • Facebook – 10,500 Likes,  3-4 posts a week,  lots of poster art, photos and fun graphics,  entertaining!
  • Twitter – 8300 Followers, 1051 Tweets,  daily tweets   , also entertaining
  • They have inactive Google +, Pinterest accounts





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