The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

Day by Day

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You might feel down days♥

Days You might be Up days♥

Happy Days♥

Sad Days♥

Strong Women never surrender days♥

Strong Women never wait days♥

Strong Women fight the fight days♥

Strong Women will Never surrender  days♥

It’s not about anyone else but YOU days♥

Everyone is looking days♥

Needing you to take a stand days♥

Stand Tall my Brown sister my Black sister my Asian sister my Hispanic sister All sisters of color creating a space for us days♥

I will hold your hand and be your friend days♥

I get really mad days♥

I can forgive days♥

I am you and you are me days♥

We are together in this days♥

I need you you need me days♥

I can feel your pain days♥

Crying Days♥

Happy Days♥

No one is island Just remember days♥

The world can be cruel days♥

People of Privilege shoving their ways down our throat days♥

It is there issues not your days♥

But as long as you can see beyond days♥

You will be fine to carry on days♥

I pull you up and you pull me days♥

It not about individual and status days♥

It about YOU and Me together reaching a higher ground days♥

Have hope my sister days♥

The doors will open days♥

The doors will shut days♥

The days are many days and when frustration hits it can be gloomy days, days when you don’t feel like doing days.♥

In the end it up to you to make your days full of reflection, dream, live and love and grow days.♥

I truly believe in your days♥

You are beautiful days♥ 

See you Makes me happy days♥

Don’t worry about others days♥

Worry About You Days♥

You matter Days♥

Live You life Days♥

Through social media I can write a poem and share it will so many people. Social Media gives us a wider audience to express our self and promote our thoughts and move hearts together.


Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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