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The Social Media Gap

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Is there a new gap being created between people who use Social Media and those who do not. If there is a growing gap, does it make any difference. These are some of the questions I’ve been asking myself when I am out asking about social media in casual conversation. What I’ve found out, in my very unscientific questions over a drinks, is that most people over thirty use some kind of social media, but if it wasn’t for friends using Facebook or having to use social media for a job, they would not bother with it. The younger generations, Millennials and X’ers are using social media like the rest of us use a cellphone. They would rather Tweet someone or post a message on Facebook than pick up a phone and make a call. What will this lead to?  At some point will these generations and the ones to follow stop having meaningful conversations with the Y’s and Baby Boomers? Will information given to us by the media become partitioned for those people who understand social media and those who do not!

This fall there is going to be a TV show, on ABC, called ‘Selfie’ and will be the first show based on aspect of social media. Is this the start of the divide between the social media savvy and the non-savvy or will people learn something of this area? As for myself, I am starting to see just how important informative from  these media channels can be to a person. Information of all kinds is transferred so much quicker to people who have devices that can access social media. Is this another growing gap between the rich and poor? How quickly information is received and how quickly a person can react to it?

Where is all this going, well I’m not really sure. Social Media in all it forms is here to stay. It is growing everyday in its use, not only here in the US, but around the world. Will it bring more people together as it spreads or will it drive more people apart? I can’t answer any of these questions. It is my hope though that people will see social media as a tool with more benefits than hindrances to society.


Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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