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It’s a piece of cake!

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I readily admit I’m one of those individuals who initially refused to utilize the social media outlet Facebook, thinking it was only a venue for teenagers to talk to each other and post pictures. However as fate would have it, I encountered a roadblock trying to located information for what I hoped would be a planned high school reunion. I had left my home state decades earlier and had not spoken to and lost contact with school mates simply due to the incredibly fast passage of time. Someone whom I cannot recall strongly suggested I try using Facebook. They assured me setting up an account and getting started would be “a piece of cake”. After much protesting, I signed up and began learning how to use it.

As a result, I became one of its biggest supporters. Not only was I able to find and connect with people I thought I would never see or speak to again, I was able to re-establish and even strengthen those relationships. Finding lost friends not only became fun and challenging, but I was able to discover situations I never knew about. As an example, a former neighbor of mine from the late 60s (gasp!) informed me that when she was a confused and awkward teenager, since she felt she could not confide in her own mother, that my mother became her best friend and confidant. Needless to say my reaction was to verify that she was talking about my mother and not another neighbor.

This form of social media enabled me to learn about other minor and major events which occurred when I was a teenager, and more importantly to discover I was not alone in all my experiences with those awkward years. I found the site invaluable in sharing forgotten or new photos with friends and family members. Simply create a folder and inform those with whom I wanted to share photos.  As advertisers used to say; “no muss, no fuss”.

Then I found I was beginning to be on the receiving end of some odd uses of Facebook. I started receiving posts from people sharing with me frivolous posts regarding insignificant information such as a good cup of coffee or a “delicious piece of cake” they had just bought and consumed. Not only did the posts contain comments; but the individual include a photo as well. When I first heard using Facebook was a piece of cake, little did I expect this could include actually receiving photos of pieces of cake.

You can imagine my surprise and confusion when shortly after that I started receiving requests from friends asking for help in feeding a cow or other farm animals. When in the world did these friends buy cows or even have an interest in farms? Fortunately someone who had more Facebook experience explained to me that these requests involved some type of social media on-line game called “Farmville”.

Putting coffee, cake and cows aside, I sincerely feel social media avenues such as Facebook can be great tools for sharing information and interesting photos with family or close friends. And what a joy it was to reconnect with people I thought I would never find or hear from again. In some cases relationships were strengthened more than they had been decades earlier. Who could ask for anything more? Best yet, using this social media venue is a piece of cake.   (CMH)


Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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