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Awaken A women Awaken the world!

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Women wearing hijab! It seems to be a mystery to many. Women through out creation have worn clothing which is considered modest. In today’s world it seems to be a threat or is consider oppressive. People it not the body! It is beyond the clothing or exterior as you see it. It is about my body belonging to me. Why should  I jump when the word jump is said.  We as women can use are common sense and say Please don’t dictate to me how to dress.

The rules are always changing and women are used as commercial property. Waking up to the exploitation of women is a no-no. “How dare you think for yourself  and how dare you dress your self”.  “We tell you what is fashion we are the experts”. I am tired of all the humiliation women must go through. From the tight skirts to see through clothing we compromise ourself to be accepted by societies standards.

Women need to wake up and take control of their own bodies and minds. One way is stop being force feed the lies and following all the fads don’t fall into all the commercialism behind the fashion industry. Second make your own decisions. I as a Muslim love to wear my long clothing and I am always looking for ways to find new styles that fit the modesty I am looking for. Thirdly, make your own clothing can save yourself money. Sewing class are on-line and many community centers offer them at a reasonable price. Clothing speak volume and we need to realize that and be intelligent. Exposing our bodies Tom Dick and Harry will not benefit us. Protect yourself and be smart.

Finally,  be the women you are meant to be mentally, spiritually and stop the abuse of women bodies from being exploited. Your voice has value and power use it to make easy for the next generation of women from exploitation. Aida sister women daughter mother human-being!  Dont you forget it!


Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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