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Who is following me on Twitter?

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This is the second blog  about the adventures of having a new Twitter account. I sent out a survey to try and find out some incite about people who were following me on Twitter. I’ve received two responses from the 19 people who are following me after two weeks. Both were from personal friends who I’m sure filled out the survey out of pity for me and I thank them for their thoughtfulness. As for the rest of my followers, even after sending out a personal message for them to fill out the survey, no one else has responded. So  I’ll tell you what information I have gleaned from their Twitter profiles.

The first was a gentleman by the name of Ed Perez. His profile states “he is seeking learning and understanding. I love connecting with people also looking for ways to elevate themselves mentally and financially”. I would have liked to have know if he started following me because of the Pope, HHDL, or the Irish quotes. For it wasn’t for financial reasons. He has 17.6K followers so he is a person people seem to like and like what he has to say and follows 14.6K

My second new follower The Narrowboat Lad. Now I still didn’t have too many people that I was following, so he mush have like the same things as Ed Perez or by then I was following the lovely women who know just about everything to do with English History: Susan Lipscomb, Kate Williams and Lucy Worsley.  The Narrow Boat Lad is a guy in his twenties who lives on a thirty foot canal boat who plies the canals of England and Wales. He has some neat post on YouTube and sell books on Amazon about his adventures on the canal to make some money. He has only 6073 followers and follows 5564 people.

Now you can see that both people have about just as many followers as they follow. Now for a personal Twitter account this is fine, but according to many sources , if you are a business person or company, the suggest wisdom of the moment is to just follow a few Industry Leader, your Clients and Customers along with some Influential people in your industry. You don’t want to follow a lot of people, because following too many people can dilute the sentiment of the tweets to the people you are following. Lastly post in a personal voice. People want to know there is a real person behind the tweets.

The next blog, I’ll see who is following good Social Media Etiquette.


Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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