The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

Good Etiquette on Social Media

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I’ve been speaking about my new Twitter account and about how fascinating the people are who have been following me. For the most part, the survey I’ve sent out to my followers has been a bust, but there has been one bright spot in my survey experiment and her name is Kristine Dugan. She started following me in my first week of having my account, and she responded to my survey I sent. This wasn’t as surprising as it may sound as compared to all the silence I received from from all my other followers. If you look at her account you will see she follows all the right principles of good social media.

Kristine is a real estate agent in Las Vegas and even though I’m in the Midwest and not looking for a home in Las Vegas, she sent a very nice personal reply when I reciprocated her following of me. I was nothing special in this regard, because I’ve seen other Twitter post that she has sent to people that follow her back , she always makes that little personal connection. That personal connection is what makes a very good social media person and I knew she was someone I should follow. Along with her personal responses to people, she is all about getting out helpful information on a range of topics in her tweets. These topics are not just real estate related, but are about: social media, business, and life in general.  Her post are something to look forward to and not some narcissistic rant about their workday, that some people feel they need to share and, clog my twitter feed! That kind of sharing is what a good therapist is for ! But I digress.

Her survey had seem to fit with online nature. Her first social media account was FaceBook, she started it for her business and she wanted to be engaged with new people. I asked her how does she find people to follow on Twitter and her response was “Common topics or people I want to do business with.” I asked her how she found my account and she said that she found it through having critical thinking listed in my bio. Now if I had known that being a critical thinker would get a lovely woman to Tweet me, ( now everybody get your minds out of the gutter ! ), I would have spread that fact around while I was in college. Ahhh, if Twitter would have been invented back then!

Now that it has been over eight weeks and no more surveys have come back, so i believe that this little experiment has come to an end. I hope everyone in my class, and all who follow 5oci4lm3di4101, has a chance to look at Kristen’s Twitter account and maybe a few of you may want to follow and emulate the way she manages her account. I know I will, when I have to step back into that cold, cold world called work after these classes are finished in a few weeks and as my niece Olive would say “Go make bacon !”.



Author: 5oci4lm3di4101

We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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