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Love Nature and Big Cities? Recession Trip Tip

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point Reyes

Point Reyes

photo-69California Hostels open to all ages, for 85 dollars a night you get  private rooms that accommodate three to four, or  dorms for 25 dollars a night, with available full kitchens to use, guest lounges with wood burning stoves and all this  located next to the beach, mountains and forest. Northern California the most beautiful country with a rugged shoreline to explore.  What you might see in wildlife?  Whales, elk, deer ,eagles, pelicans, otters and sea lions galore. Get a permit and build a fire on the beach, get a map and hike the many trails or just walk the beach.  Jump into your car and go north or south for some great sights or walk around this quiet, small, way-out-west coastal misty town located 45 minutes next to one of the most vibrant cities in the USA, San Francisco.

Fly into San Francisco, rent a car.  There are three hostels along the northern coastline, all with private rooms available.  Make reservations way ahead of time. Forty Five minutes up north is the Point Reyes hostel.  From here you can settle in, explore this small and charming town, visit the lighthouse, visit dairy farms surrounded by the marine fog or visit the  neighboring  town of Inverness.

Travel further up the coast and experience the ever increasingly spectacular coastline on the coastal highway 1 with many coves to discover and explore.(hint:  if you see a bunch of cars parked along the road for no reason, there is probably a great cove just waiting for you to figure out how to get down there and be astonished by). Stay and baste while listening to the waves crashing on the rocks. Or climb the rocks and be baptized.   Go south towards San Francisco and before the golden Gate Bridge check out Muir Woods, these redwoods were saved from destruction when  after the great earthquake of 1925, this  area of redwoods was used to rebuild San Francisco.  John Muir, a naturalist, according to the locals, bought acres of these original redwoods, saving them for all future generations to enjoy. If its raining, San Francisco has a lot of everything you like.  Parking seems to be surprisingly reasonable.  Hop a trolley for an easy and inexpensive overall view of the city.  Highly recommend the Legends of Honor Museum as it takes you to the best part of the city with lots of scenic walking views and not crowded at all. If you want to see Alcatraz, make reservtion weeks ahead of time.  San Francisco also has three hostels sfdowntown@hiusa.org, rent a bike and cross the golden gate bridge and ride a ferry back.

There are two lighthouse hostels located south of San Francisco, with the same deals on accommodations. Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel, located 25 miles from San Francisco and 7 miles north of Half Moon Bay. You can explore that area of coastline, or travel down 27 miles south to Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel for another stay along the coast (these hostels advertise  hot tubs).  Along  Pacific Grove Coast is a great walk along the coastline.  All these hostels have full kitchens to prepare meals, private and shared dorms, access to hiking, biking, surfing, kayaking and wood stoves to warm up by.  Point Reyes does not have wi-fi. Other hostels along the northern  coast include Santa Cruz, Monterey, Midpoints (located near Yosemite), Cambria (an old whaling town) and San Luis Obispo.




For Southern California, There are three hostels in Los Angeles: Santa Monica, Fullerton and San Pedro( south bay@hiusa.org).  San Diego has 2 (sddowntown@hiusa.org).

social media is a great way to share favorite areas that are off the radar screen for many people since for the most part these accommodations are not advertised.


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