The Grand Social Media Experiment. We learn by doing.

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 As a teenager, young adult and into my early 40’s there were several people from my past I thought I would never know anything about again—where their life went, how it’s turned out, or if they’re even still alive. Today, I can go as far as just “peeking” into their lives all the way to reconnecting and rebuilding friendships. All because of social media!

Today I had such an experience. A “girl” I went to junior high with, her name is Karen, moved to Duluth when we were in 9th grade. She was my best friend. Back then we didn’t have cell phones and calling long distance cost money, so we never used it unless it was a special occasion. Heck, we only had one phone line coming into my parents’ house, and for those of us that were really lucky we had call waiting. Anyway, she found me on facebook a few years ago, and, after “catching up” we’ve kept  in contact through facebook.

When I went to my page today I saw a post from her to all the people she knows and a link to the caringbridge and gofundme. Her daughter is struggling to survive, the liver transplant she had 5 years ago is now barely functioning and she is at the end of the 2-3 months the doctors gave her to live. She’s overwhelmed with medical bills and has no money to pay her bills because she is barely able to work anymore.

Without the BLESSING of social media I would probably never know what happened to my friend, nor would I be able to try to help her and be able to reach so many people I know, that she doesn’t, to try to help her daughter to live, so, today I feel blessed. Blessed to have reconnected with an old friend, blessed that in a small way I was able to help, and hopefully give her some comfort. Blessed to be able to share her story with people I know, in hope that someone I know can help, or maybe someone I know who knows someone who can help. The chain could go long and far. Blessed to know that I have many friends and family who will pray for this beautiful young woman and ask their fiends to pray, too. – Jodi Mason

I’ve included what I read today in the order I read it:


Seeking that donor still

Written Mar 2, 2014 2:58pm

Hi Everyone,

I know I don’t have to say this but we are still seeking that donor. 

A dear friend and client recently launched a fundraiser to help Heather offset her medical expenses. In one of our communications, he said he was so sorry after I told him that liver failure can get kind of crazy should we not find that living donor. 

I thought I would share what I wrote, because many people say they are sorry for us or for Heather.

“Don’t be sorry. I’m not.

People think that this has been just a horrible thing. The bills, yes they suck. Money is only money…when I get to heaven, God is not going to ask me if I paid all my bills.  But life ? Life is so good and soooo what is important. Five years ago, when she was transplanted we were told to prepare for the worst. Every day since that day has been a gift.  I know in my heart, that if we had not endured this journey, we would never have become as close as we are as a family. We have said things to each other that most families don’t ever get to say. That, my friend, is a HUGE blessing!

To love one another so unconditionally, and completely can only ever be a gift. No strife or illness can take it away. Does it scare me that she will die? It does. It is my worst nightmare to bury one of my kids. But the first time around, when she was in a coma, I thought then “Does she know how much I love her?  Is she is going to die not knowing how much I really love her because while I said “I love you” I didn’t really live those words?” I thought “How am I going to walk by her room every night and not crumble into a ball of weeping goo if she dies? How am I going to do her laundry one last time with her not here anymore? How am I going to remember her scent?” It was too much for me to even get my head around. Even now, thinking about life without her is almost more than I can bear. But in the last five years, we have shared a lifetime full of love, and good memories. She finally knows how much I love her. What scares  me is I know whats coming. I know that if we don’t find a donor, her final days will be hell. And I am holding on so tight to faith, and good things and every second I get to spend with her. If I could do this for her I would. God has been so good to us. He gave us a second chance to set it right between us, and see what love really is. Even though my heart breaks for her, our love for each other is not broken. I will deal with this… I will get thru this and where I am right now is not where I will be in a day, a week, or even a year. Sometimes I take it one breathe at a time.

This story is one that should be told. People just don’t know. I thought I did but I didn’t back then. Its one thing to say it and another to know it.  I can’t watch the news anymore because it focuses only on the bad things and makes me cry for what we are missing. We need to lift one another up. Because if we aren’t holding one another up its not helping. So there you have my philosophy on this part of my life. There were lessons to be learned here, and I for one have come to realize and understand so much. What I see in you, and what you do is what I am recognizing as such a good place to live from. Helping others comes back to us a million fold. Through you I made a mark on the world for the better. You let me gift the site which helps so many.

Don’t be sad or sorry. The only thing I would change in all of this is her pain and physical condition. But I also realize that without that, none of these things would have ever been realized.

I believe that death is not the end. Its just a new beginning somewhere else, so I am not afraid of it…but I am terrified of living life without her physically in it because my logic tells me I should go first.

Hugs, and peace be with you. Remember,  its all just a stepping stone in the journey to where we are suppose to be.”

I am going to leave you with that today… its been a rough, rough day here for me. Today is one of those “I cannot handle one more thing on my plate”days. We all have them.

Keep us in prayers.



Heather is running out of time, and she needs your help in more ways than anyone can know. Her liver is failing, and there is no way to sustain life beyond liver failure. She is unable to consistently work, and medical bills are mountainous, not to mention the expense of just getting to appointments and back again, along with everyday life.

If you are: 21-50 years of age; Type O+ Blood; Have excellent health history – physically and mentally; Are not overweight — you could be her potential donor and our hero. Please contact the University of Minnesota Transplant Program if you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about becoming her donor: 612-625-7010 or 1-800-328-5465, ext. 581


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