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Facebook at its Best

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Why Facebook is still my favorite social media source.

Many of my friends and colleagues complain about Facebook, and I certainly have my problems with it. However, it’s free and at least weekly something is posted or commented on that keeps me coming back.
Today it was a post by a friend, a simple RIP. This one was for “Mad Dog” Vachon, a professional wrestler who recently died at 84. It immediately made me think of my parents. My father died about 8 years ago, and my mother passed on in 2000. I do really miss them still, they were really wonderful and unique people. And both were professional wrestlers.

542779_3688289326110_305561074_n  My father, also named Maurice as was Mad Dog, grew up in the same neighborhood in Montreal and they both attended the same high school. They both went on to wrestling careers, though Mad Dog obviously became more of a famous personality due to his looks and hoarse voice. He was also much more of an aggressive person who really loved to fight. I never really thought my dad seemed to enjoy wrestling and fighting that much, it was mostly just something he could do to get out of the French-Canadian ghetto and his impoverished youth. His father, a boxer and street-car conductor, was crushed between two streetcars in Montreal and died when my father was only 9, and the oldest of 8 children. His mother was left alone to raise this large family in a two-bedroom apartment. So my father really never had a father himself during the ages where it may have been most important to have a father and male role-model. Still, I think he did well though in retrospect I can see that his growing up fatherless did affect him.
So this morning’s Facebook viewing brings back a flood of memories of my parents. And I think that’s good. I like to remember and honor them, and Facebook has allowed me to share photos and stories of my parents to many people in a simple manner. Though they divorced when I was 18, I still was close to both of them and would call them frequently as I could. Social media can be a very positive thing for many of us. It was a nice morning to remember, and while it’s not a happy occasion to see the passing of anyone, Mad Dog lived to a decent age, had an interesting life, and is being remember by many today.


My parents at our home in Wisconsin, Christmas 1973 I think.







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