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Hey Mr. Influencer, I Need a J-O-B

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Dave Kerpen, author of “Likeable Social Media” (our class textbook) writes about LinkedIn on Inc. Magazine online.  I was especially interested in this article since this channel was my very first introduction into social media more than 5 years ago.  Kerpen asks the question, “Is Conan O’Brien the Ashton Kutcher of LinkedIn?” Apparently, O’Brien’s goal is to do the same thing Kutcher did for Twitter several years ago, gain one million followers.

O’Brien declared on his late night talk show, he’s going to be the most popular “LinkedIn Influencer.” Kerpen says this is an invitation-only program comprised of  thought leaders from a range of industries. I suppose that’s good news for those who like LinkedIn as well as O’Brien. Whether O’Brien is serious or not, will his LinkedIn presence help me find a job?

In five years, I’ve never found a job via LinkedIn or come close. I will admit my participation is inconsistent. I crank up my interest and involvement when I get into a serious job-hunting mode. Over the years, I’ve connected with friends and past colleagues. They know my job status, but I’ve never had one of them approach me about an opening. As far as requesting introductions, I’ve made a few but none have panned out. At times, I felt odd asking someone I haven’t spoken to since the job ended many years ago to make a connection, but I’ve laid my pride aside and done it. Yet, some questions always plague me. What do they really know about me now? What do I know of them, since we last worked or saw one another? Is the relationship between my contact and the person I want to connect with amicable or not.  Should I care?

During the summer and fall of 2012, I used LinkedIn’s job search function frequently and applied to a number of positions. I didn’t receive any responses to my resume. I’d love to hear from someone who found a job through LinkedIn. Please, tell me what I’m doing wrong.

As for Kerpen’s article on LinkedIn and O’Brien, two questions bother me. First, does a LinkedIn Influencer make a different for someone who doesn’t have a service subscription? The thought of paying for any social media channel galls me. O”Brien says the tops influencers are Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra and President Obama.  Really?!

Second, why Cohen O’Brien? Personally I’m not a fan, don’t find him particularly funny, and think he’s absolutely annoying in a Tom Cruise sort of way. Kerpen hints that some people think this is a joke for O’Brien and his team. I agree. If so, just add this stunt to my list of reasons why he’s not my favorite.

In the meantime, I’ll stick to more face-to-face networking. If I have to use a social media channel, I’ll go back to browsing job postings on Craigslist.  It’s up by two jobs compared to LinkedIn’s zero. CRJ


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

One thought on “Hey Mr. Influencer, I Need a J-O-B

  1. After speaking with MAS and others, I am loathe to post my resume on Linked-In, although I will probably use that platform to contact some people to send resumes to when I start to seriously to job-hunt, on December 1…I am taking some serious down time the next couple weeks. I don’t care that I can’t afford it. -paw

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