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New Mexico student: ‘Rock Your Mocs’ campaign promotes celebration of Native American cultures


‘Rock Your Mocs’ is a great way to promote Native American Heritage Month and help to instill pride into the Native American culture. Something as simple as moccasins can distinguish between the many different tribes and yet represent them as a nation. The fact tRock Your Mocs Campaign copyhat they are utilizing social media to promote this campaign means that a larger audience will become aware and will be able celebrate with them.


I have always had great respect for the Native American culture since elementary school.  Growing up, one of my best friends was a Native American and I never saw her as anything but a friend. In later life, a friend I was blessed with at my last job was married to a Native American. Through her, I have been able to experience the Native American culture more deeply by attending Pow Wows and visiting Native American museums. Now being at an American Indian OIC school furthers the experience even more.


My only question is, why isn’t our school celebrating this outstanding occasion? I feel a need to spread the word and promote the Native American culture, but at the same time I want to be respectful of their beliefs and traditions. Do they simply not know or is there a reason for not celebrating. Perhaps when I speak with Joe this coming week regarding other matters, I may inquire.  Denai


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2 thoughts on “New Mexico student: ‘Rock Your Mocs’ campaign promotes celebration of Native American cultures

  1. Hey girl I agree with you!! I was told early in life to never bite the hand that feed you, and as far as Takoda is concern, they have feed my mind and my stomach. HEEEEEEY-MDS

  2. Hate to be the little miss smarty pants, but it looks like this event happened in 2012. -paw

    p.s. looks like a cool thing, though!!

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