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How Staying Mentally Fit Can Make a Difference

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I recently came across an article called “How Staying Mentally Fit Can Make a Difference“. It talks about exercislg_lumositynewbanner1ing your brain the way you would your body only by utilizing computer games or programs. It specifically mentions the San Francisco-based Lumosity.

This got me thinking of how one needs to be mentally fit and capable to figure out computers, the internet, and social media. I also realized that we as individuals constantly need to be challenging our minds in order to continue to handle the constant changes in our society today.

I know that when I started my courses at school, my study habits were extremely rusty and my thought processes were not what they use to be. Now being in my third quarter of school, things are different. My mind has expanded and I have learned many new processes and concepts. Being in the last weeks of the quarter, I need to consider what is next. If I do not want to lose this new-found boost of knowledge and learning what can I do to continue advancing and keeping my mind healthy?

Reading this article has sparked my interest in finding ways of stimulating my mind on a regular basis. I plan to check out this Lumosity training as well as seek out other possible computer program. At the same time, I feel social media will present numerous challenges and problem solving opportunities that will keep my mind exercising on a daily basis. I advise that you check out this article and consider what is next for you. Denai


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

One thought on “How Staying Mentally Fit Can Make a Difference

  1. Hey lady you know so much already about computers. I would say why do you need to learn more, but I know you need to keep a competiive edge, so that you can continue, to make that big money. I feel you cohort , you go girl -MDS

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