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How to engage your audience 101

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th (2)On and off  the job laughter is the best medicine, is a pamplet I’ve read and that I loved. It had great imformation about laughter at home and in the workplace.It said  that laughter can lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation, and inflence  the body immune system.

  It also said when faced with deadlines, and dilemmas,  and difficulties, humor is just what the doctor  may order.

So in response to how  I would engage my audience, and keep it professional, aleast when I can, is to keep it light when possible and never ever let the customers/followers see you sweat when a laugh will do. 

Your customers can be funny to, I remember when I was talking to a customer one day, who was irate and kinda crazy, she told me if I didn’t get her problem resolved, she would jump through the phone and land in my lap. So humor is a two way street. So when we can, always keep it professional, with a can do attitude, but remember sometime’s  laughter is the best medicine, and its free. And it can  show customer service at its  finest . Also  its a old but creative way to engage your audience. MDS


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We're a class learning about the ins and outs of social media. We learn by doing.

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